BioShock Interview

INTERVIEW: Talking politics, monster closets, and shooters with Ken Levine.

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TheMART5863d ago

I hate to spoil the PS3 party, but only a PS magazine said:

"It will be confirmed for PS3, trust us".

With no proof, no link. No source, nothing.

THere has been no other confirmation. On the website of 2kGames there is still only PC and 360 mentioned.

Don't get me wrong, it could well be on PS3, like Assassins Creed is on 360. But it's still not announced in any form or hard evidence.

Captain Tuttle5863d ago

was a great interview. I'm very excited for this game. Nothing beats a good, compelling story that allows choices. Not graphics, not gamesize (22 gigs anyone?), nothing.

Dusk5863d ago

You can't deny aesthetics, and graphics are a big part of that. I'm glad, however, that this game isn't depending only on graphics.