Minecraft Vs Terraria

Community writer Dan takes a look at these two indie sensations:

I have been playing Minecraft and Terraria for a while now and I’m still quite torn over which one I enjoy more, so I’m going to have a look at them both and see if I can help settle some arguments over which is the better game.

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KonGreat2530d ago

I tried both of those games, and for me I love minecraft due to being able to building whatever you wanted to build, and you can see it in 3D, even though fights could be a little disappointing, it's a REALLY good building game, it's rather lovely!
But then Terraria I've tried out a little bit, it looks good, but I don't like the 2D, I at least can't imagine myself in the houses, while in Minecraft I can. Although being able to build a city in terraria sounds pretty damn awesome.