Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary: Tons of Comparison Screens


"The world is only three days away from Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the complete high definition remake of the first Halo title.

"It’s different from a standard HD collection or iteration, where the original game itself is upscaled to 720p or so.

"Anniversary is the entire game rebuilt with modern technology, with the option to – at any time – hit a button and look at the original game, and how things looked ten years ago.

"People may be curious just how different the original and its ten year counterpart are, and OXCGN has a load of exclusive screenshots to show you just this.

"Be prepared: your jaw just may drop."

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gaminoz2531d ago

I love the fact you can just hit a button and you are playing the original, seeing the difference.

But how many copies will they sell when there are so many awesome new games being released now?

Proeliator2531d ago

This looks better than most of these "awesome new games."

Personally, I wish I would have passed on Modern Warfare 3 and gotten this with my extra money.

Focus2531d ago

Just for comparison sake, it pre ordered more than uncharted 3 did in the US so we know it won't do to badly.

Micro_Sony2531d ago

I dont think its about sales but more a gift to the fans.

This game was not meant to capture new audiances but made for the true fans of Halo who love everything Halo from start to finish.

BadCircuit2531d ago

It is good to see that some of the classic old games are getting redone in HD. As this article shows, it makes a difference!

Focus2531d ago

Actually this is Halo CEA, that one comes out next year

Slugg3r2531d ago

I see what you did there

Noticeably_FAT2531d ago

If all the remakes were actually remade like this instead of the cheap upconverting they are currently getting, then I'd definitely buy more. This looks to be the definitive remake. Loving how it looks.

The_Nameless_One2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

Just wait and see how they completely ruined the atmosphere of the swamp area in 343 Guilty Spark.

Obviously the idea of the HD reissues are lost are you. The idea is to preserve the games as they were when they came out while giving it a touchup so it won't look like complete dogshit on HD tv's. I hate to break it to you but this no different then all the other remake. The only difference is that MS threw a foot long layer of frusting on the cake. The levels, the gameplay, the characters, it's all gonna remind the same.

Noticeably_FAT2531d ago

I think you meant frosting? The idea behind remakes are to remake them without changing the classic gameplay elements. This is by far the best looking remake I've seen, nobody can deny that they would much rather have this level of quality and time invested in a remake then what is currently the norm.

I am not a person who buys remakes, but I've had this one pre-ordered for a while now, I am really looking forward to playing through the game that made me buy an Xbox 10 years ago.

As for other remakes, it's not the same in the least, all they usually do is smooth a bit, they don't use new engines and certainly don't record new music ect.. Nice attempt to troll though.

The_Nameless_One2531d ago

So me replying to your comment is trolling? Sorry! I forgot this is the internet and on the internet opinions are facts but I guess it's my mistake thinking you can actually have a discussion on n4g.

StraightPath2531d ago

Another great remake is Zelda OOT 3DS. These two show how remakes should be done, not just upscaling them and smoothing like most PS2 remakes.

Mikefizzled2531d ago

Already got and my word it is absolutely fantastic.
Shame the multiplayer playlist isn't up yet :(

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