Confirmed: Halo 4 to be on Xbox 360

We’ve been hearing for months now rumors of a new Xbox, with the latest rumors setting 2012 as the release for Microsoft’s next console, which had led many to speculate that the announced Halo 4 would be a launch title. You can set aside those rumors and speculations as Frank O’Connor, the development director at 343 Industries has confirmed that Halo 4 is indeed an Xbox 360 title.

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fluffydelusions3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Well of course they will say that if MS has not yet announced the next xbox =\ This is pretty much common sense. That is like PD saying Gran Turismo 6 will be on PS4. I'm not saying it is or isn't but honestly I believe this will be a launch title for 2 reasons. 1) It's the start of a new trilogy and is the perfect launch title to get people to buy the next xbox and 2) There was never a 360 logo shown at the end of the trailer like every other trailer at e3 for 360. Just my opinion anyway.

princejb1343438d ago

good enough for a lot of people
honestly Microsoft don't have to release a console next year because sales haven't slowed down on the xbox

morganfell3438d ago

I am glad for this as we will not have to wait years for the next installment. Neither the next Xbox or PlayStation is going to be here in the next 2 years so the gamers win in this case.

Mark Rein pretty much told us there would not be a new console from MS or Sony until 2014. With both consoles having incredible sales years and the worldwide economy not exactly overflowing it makes more than perfect sense to keep investing in the current gen.

gamingdroid3438d ago

Depends on how you see customers "win", but a win in my books is a release of new console. We are way past the normal cycle for release already.

Maybe Nintendo with Wii-U will put pressure on Sony and MS.

da_2pacalypse3438d ago

WiiU will put pressure on the microsoft and sony? Lol you're aware that the WiiU has the same processing ability as the 360/ps3 right? If anything, it puts pressure on Ninetendo lolol

DeadlyFire3437d ago

Well if you think about it. X360 is first Microsoft platform to last or they claim. So its likely after X720/Xbox 3 or whatever its called is launched. Games will launch on Xbox 3 + Xbox 360. So while it could be an Xbox 720 launch title. It could also be on Xbox 360.

Wizziokid3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

if the nextbox is real they will continue to say Halo 4 will be on the 360, they won't want to let people know that the nextbox is in development if MS want to keep it on the low down.

didn't Nintendo do the same with Twilight Princess at the start then move it to wii (as well as gamecube) I'm not 100% on that though.

who knows, we will see next year I suppose, I do hope it is on the nextbox personally, I would say Reach was a fitting end to Halo on 360, not including CE:HD remake.

OcularVision3438d ago

Yes, Twilight Princess was announced for Gamecube, but then the Wii was announced so they delayed the game and launched it on both consoles.

Biggest3438d ago

If it's on the next Xbox one would hope that it is on the 360 as well. Nothing says "SCREW YOU GUYS!" like dropping support for the old console.

TheFallenAngel3438d ago

it should be on nextbox because it will benefit from the newer hardware.

hudsoniscool3438d ago

He said it was on 360, he never said if it was on another super secret console as well.

mcstorm3438d ago

I wonder if it will be on the 360 and next xbox. I know nintendo did this with zelda but i is a little different to halo as its main pulling power is online. I dont think they could have this on the 360 and next xbox for this reason unless they can some how get 360 amd next xbox version to work the same online.

I do think halo 4 will be a release game for the next xbox but if it is not i dont see the next xbox being out until 2013 as the halo name is too big to put out the same time as a new console.

hudsoniscool3438d ago

it could be like computer games were people with low settings play against people with high settings.

mcstorm3437d ago

I hope so but i dont see it as why would people drop the 360 to get halo 4 on the next xbox when they can have it for 40 quid on the 360 rather than 340 quid on the new xbox. But you never know ms might do that.

Alos883438d ago

As opposed to what, the PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.