Why Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Is Not Fun takes a look at the connectivity problems which stop Modern Warfare 3 being fun.

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GraveLord3500d ago

I'm having no connection problems on PS3. Sucks for you 360 owners.

Pixel_Enemy3500d ago

Sucks for all who wasted their money no matter the platform.

TooTall193500d ago

I am not having any connection problems either.

iliimaster3500d ago

i havnt had any problems im on 360 and its addicting as ever

3GenGames3500d ago

It's not fun for me because I always go 35ish and 6 and can't ever find a single person who's even in my realm. That's why I stick to Battlefield.

RioKing3500d ago

I'll give you the main reason why it's no fun for you, because you die alot due to lack of skill :)

KingLizzle3500d ago

I almost wish that was the case because at least then it would have a chance of improving! Put me in a fair lobby where everyone has four bars and I'll do well. Always have in COD.

As I said I played the game a lot at XP and after the first couple of matches adjusting I was consistently MVP with 20+ kills in our matches, often against organised clans.

I may have the odd moment where I drop the ball or fail at aiming occasionally but that happens to everyone. I'll hold my hands up if outskilled and often watch in Theater Mode to learn from it. I don't mind being beaten on skill, but I can't stand losing simply due to connection issues. If you check out the COD forums you'll see many others having the same issue.

vman81263500d ago (Edited 3500d ago )

Actually while its nice for everyone to think they dominate the game based on skill alone, the article is absolutely correct. My connection is constantly 4-5 bars. In a match where all players are equal with like connections, I'm usually top 3 in kills and deaths are generally in single digits. In a match where my connection is 4-5 bars and the majority of connections are say 3 bars, even though my kill number is still good, it is substantially lower and my deaths are almost double every single time. There is no difference in my skill between one map to another, but it has everything to do with the latency compensation in the COD games. Don't believe me, check the kill cam when you die. If your connection is fast and you know your getting the jump on your opponent and pumping 5-6 rounds in him and he simply aims and downs you with one or two rounds, most likely the kill cam will show that he was actually firing on YOU and saw you before you saw him in the split second or two that makes the difference. This was the same in Black Ops and MW2 as well. And btw, I have a 360 and PS3 not a fanboy of either and I also play and love Battlefield 3,and my k/d from game to game is constantly good in BF3, and never have those issues with latency.

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The story is too old to be commented.