Replayability = Worthless?

What do you think a review means by replay value? It’s often cited as pivotal to a game’s overall quality. Many publications offer a replay value or “Lasting Appeal” rating that contributes to the final score. Whether they have a separate rating for it or not, you always get users commenting on replayability and how it affects their purchasing decisions. The length of a game’s single player campaign is always brought up, usually with someone saying “$60 for a 6 hour campaign!?” or similar. This is a complex and unusual review criteria for a number of reasons…

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Dovahkiin4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

IMHO replayability makes a good game great, one major letdown in this area was L.A Noire for me.

Also if something is repetitive it generally takes away from the replayability.

4333d ago
MaxXAttaxX4333d ago

thanks to its pacing and chapter based story. Also split-screen competitive and co-op matches are fun as well.

MsclMexican4332d ago

I have played Uncharted 3 5 times so far and I have had so much fun on each run, it does not feel the same because enemies act differently each time plus the mp is ridiculously addictive.

But when a game is not easy to replay it feels repetitive. Look at Batman Arkham city after you beat the story and side missions..... then what? Find all the riddler trophies, but to do that you see how repetitive and annoying the game is. Find riddler trophy, usually guarded by inmates... you have no choice to fight them

But with Skyrim the infinite quests and ability for everyone to play differently is great for replayability.

TopDudeMan4333d ago

Uncharted is fun to play again on crushing. You'll really get your monies worth then. Plus finding all the treasures is a task on it's own.

mixelon4333d ago

I'm in the middle of a crushing replay myself and its a lot of fun, though in my case it seems more about pattern memorisation than skill.

I think i suck. If the enemies had any level of randomisation in where they came from i'd probably be screwed.

HeavenlySnipes4333d ago

If the MP is fun enough to keep playing and the SP has things to make you want to play again. (like the hidden treasures in UC3)

2fk4333d ago

sadly for me the MP doesn't tickle me fancy fancy on the other hand the SP is bloody brilliant.

NYC_Gamer4333d ago (Edited 4333d ago )

well,i play all my games on hard and feel there is no need to replay the story again if it's set path with no major choices/different endings.

N311V4333d ago

When I first read the title I thought NO WAY. After reading the article my opinion has changed, the author makes a good point. Replayability is not worthless but trying to score it in a review probably is.

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closed_account51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Bethesda makes the most consistently stupid NPCs, like really bad... yet I still can't help but love playing their games. Guilty pleasure, I guess. *sigh* 😩

Flawlessmic50d ago

How did redfall not make the cut.

anast50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Every Bethesda game and Every Halo game. This list needed to have Cyberpunk somewhere.


Microtransactions: How They Started

Microtransactions have been around since the advent of gaming itself, but the mechanic has evolved a lot to reach its present-day stage.

LordoftheCritics120d ago

Let me re-introduce you to the scum of our industry.

Activision Blizzard
Bethesda (you started it you son of a...)

SullysCigar120d ago

Thanks, Bethesda! How fitting that you jumped into bed with the company that brought to us 'paying to play with friends', despite already paying the internet service providers. Awesome contributions, now standardised across this wonderful industry.

meanmallard120d ago

The rise of "DLC" started when Microsoft wanted to maximize profits by charging for online and allowing companies to sell crap like horse armor on the console space.

If it wasn't for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony wouldn't be charging for online play and neither Sony nor Nintendo was putting any kind of "DLC" in their games until market pressure forced it upon them.

So thanks Microsoft from the beginning you have made console gaming worse.

blackblades120d ago

IDK I think eventually they would've done it regardless but yeah MS started a lot of crap and smeared all around.