Major Nelson Q&A

check out 360Monsters interview with Xbox Main Man Major Nelson....

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God of Gaming5864d ago

I am VERY interested in his first answer. The update will contain new features that games released around Christmas will use! Now it wont be camera support because they took care of that with the last update... maybe a uniform Clan system? I sure hope so!

USMChardcharger5864d ago

there was a lot of interesting things the 360 is a nice place to be. he makes a hint at movie downloads to tv shows.

i don't know if any of you downloaded that BattleStar Galactica download, but it was 2 hrs long and only took a few mins. to download.

more on the humor side he mentions being called by your gamertag and how it becomes a true 2nd I.D. he is right, a lot of my friends now refer to me as charger.

here is some interesting things said about the hd-drive add on from the interview. i think it shows the M$ really does have the gamers best interest in mind...the rest of my post is a copy and paste:

What about plans for HDMI?

Major Nelson: We haven’t announced anything yet. Some people really got hung up on that! A lot of people can’t tell the difference between that and regular component video, but there seems to be a group of people who’ve got really upset about it. We’ll have to see how it shakes out.

And what about the HD-DVD drive? There’s been some negative feedback from the community about that…

Major Nelson: It’s all about giving people choice. We’re not telling gamers that they need to pay for it. I’m really worried that gamers are going to become collateral damage in a DVD format war. Do we want that? Of course not! We’re saying that you can get the Xbox 360 as a great gaming and entertainment console, and if you want to watch HD-DVDs on it you can buy an add-on. But if you don’t want it, you don’t have to have it! You can pick and choose. We’re not forcing you to pay for something you won’t necessarily use. And if you look at the transfer speed for Blu-Ray, they’re pretty slow. Gamers are impatient. They don’t want loading delays.

BIadestarX5864d ago

I like this guy. He seems like a gamer that anyone can relate to. He even answers to posts on his blog; on the other hand Nintendo’s and Sony’s are out of reach of the regular Joe gamer. I think M$ is doing a nice job when it comes to creating communities. I like the Idea that there are ways to get your opinion or thoughts about the 360 directly to the people working on it. This is impossible when it comes to Nintendo and Sony.

beans5864d ago

I can't wait for this camera to come out! I've made so many friends on Live over the past 3 to 4 years and still talk to a majority of them as I walk around with my wirless controller! I do however hope that they one day increase the amount of friends you can have on your friends list!

USMChardcharger5864d ago

yeah i agree. i have made some great friends over the years.

and i still don't get the arguement that sony fans say about M$ copying the eye toy from them.

M$ announced plans for a camera when the 360 was still being made...way back 2005 before any thing about a PS3 was announced.

o well

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