Frictional Games: Amnesia & The Future

Connor Beaton writes: "Clothing retailers better listen up, because Jens Nilsson and his team at Frictional Games have discovered a way to make a good chunk of gamers go out and buy a new, unsoiled pair of trousers. The indie developer’s previous effort, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, is regarded by some as one of the scariest games of all time, and the Penumbra trilogy that preceded it shares its innovative control scheme and focus on realism and physics-driven puzzles."

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caboose323267d ago

These guys truly are some of the best indie developers around.

sonicsidewinder3266d ago

Is Penumbra any good?

I enjoyed Amnesia.

other than scary how are they comparable?

Venox20083266d ago

the whole Penumbra trilogy is great

NYC_Gamer3266d ago

this studio deserves all the success