15 Best Psychological Horror Games of All Time

Of the many horror sub-genres, psychological horror is known for leaving a lasting impression because it plays on the fragility of the human mind.

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Magog24d ago (Edited 24d ago )

Absolute embarrassment that all 4 of the first Silent Hill games didn't make the list. 2 is the best one but the other 3 are fantastic as well.
They also included 2 Bloober games and forgot Fatal Frame and PT. 🙄

Neonridr23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

PT isn't a game. As for the Silent Hill games, clearly they chose the best one for their list. I don't disagree that there are some questionable choices there though.

Magog23d ago

PT is a game and a better one than most of the games on that list. Just because they gave it away for free doesn't mean it isn't a game.

Neonridr22d ago

@Magog - it was a playable teaser. The entire thing could be beaten in like 5 minutes if you knew what to do. That's not a game. Yes, it was fantastic, but it was a glorified demo.

SinisterMister23d ago

Ooh I love me some psyche horror

BlackTar18723d ago

No Fatal Frame? Only 1 Silent Hill no Eternal Darkness?

Not a very good list

Gardenia23d ago

Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 are all at the top of psychological horror games. I really want a new Silent Hill in the style of the old games, not like P.T.

Yui_Suzumiya23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Doki Doki Literature Club .. Also the definitive GOAT .. Silent Hill 2 also

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