Lost Oddysey First Details!

In this week's Famitsu magazine, Hironobu Sakaguchi conducted an interview with the magazine about Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey, which is scheduled for release sometime in 2007. In the interview, Sakaguchi reveals many interesting tidbits about the game and the demo, which will be playable at next week's Tokyo Game Show. To start off the interview, Sakaguchi revealed that in the end, the team decided that the game will be running at 30fps, which is no doubt a disappointment to a lot of 360 owners.

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Aquanox5856d ago

Famitsu magazine included this exclusive In-Game screenshot:

Can anyone update the article please?

Cyclonus5856d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

Off topic, here's a first look at another 360 jrpg, Tri-Ace's Infinite Undiscovery

I cannot wait for LO. The in game models are said to be nearly identical to the CG ones; and judging from that scan, I'm inclined to believe it.

DJ5855d ago

the screenshot looks really good.

JasonXE5855d ago (Edited 5855d ago )

I did not know that they were trying to attempt above 30fps but whatever. Everytime I think of this game the final fantasy 8 opening theme song comes up in my mind.

BIadestarX5855d ago

even if that was the case it is a good thing. Since I don't have to buy a PS3 to play it.
I can just pay $59 instead of $600, and have enough money to buy all the other games coming for the 360 (i.e. Gears Of War).

beans5855d ago

Thanks guys for both of those images! If they look that good I may once again get into jrpg's! Visuals and gameplay are so important to me because I like to feel like im almost in that game world! Also does this mean that I can download and play these games through marketplace next week? I hope so but for now im going to go and finish watching Lost season 2 which by the way is an excellent show!

The Real Deal5855d ago

That could turn around the sales outlook in Japan. Blue Dragon being the other one. If you take a look at Japans Top selling games you will not see any games by developers in the USA or Europe. And a pure Japanese made and style game is what xbox consoles have been missing. Thanks Microsoft. Never neglect one region of the world even if they typically show you no love. Keep it up.

Jay da 2KBalla5855d ago

Thats messed up how u only got 3 post bubbles.

Schmitty075855d ago

He is known for creating arguements and keeping them going

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The story is too old to be commented.