Preview: Diablo III [PC] (GamePron)

GamePron: One noticeable difference between Diablo II and III is the increased focus on the story. Diablo II didn’t seem to have much of one to me, and my character certainly never felt a part of it. In Diablo III you interact with characters outside of the town. There are short dialogue scenes where your character actually talks. Not only that, but during gameplay your character will comment on the going-ons around them. This gives the game a narrative voice and makes it so you feel connected to the other characters and even other players, as you thank them for healing you.

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Guitardr854630d ago

I have to question the judgement of this reviewer a little...he said he didn't remember D2 having a story? That's one of the best parts about D2 I thought.


The Greatest Video Game Comeback Stories in Gaming History

Who says a dud game can't have a video game comeback?

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Dirty_Lemons163d ago

Cyberpunk and No Man's Sky have to be up there. We're lucky and cursed, equally, to have games that can be updated now. For folks old enough to remember the Sega/SNES into PS1 and even 2 eras, if a game came out that was half baked (*cough*Angel of Darkness*cough*) that was it, no redemption. At the same time, having the option for updates shouldn't be an excuse for half assing games.

thorstein162d ago

I remember when the Nintendo Seal of Approval meant something.

All those games had to release without bugs.

shinoff2183163d ago

Comebacks shouldnt be a thing in videogames. Just saying.


Diablo III - Still a Huge Draw in the Face of Diablo IV

Diablo III still works on modern PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and remains hugely playable a decade after initial release.

Palitera472d ago

Are you comparing a continuously improved 10+ years old masterpiece with the... beta of an unreleased game?

kevco33471d ago

Heh, yeah. There's no comparison in here! Its a commentary on how III is still very playable over a decade later.


Diablo III Season 28 Brings a New Use for the Staff of Herding

Diablo III: Season 28 brings with it the Altar of Rites, an altar full of unlockable bonuses and potions that will require the gathering of tons of resources. One of things needed is the Staff of Herding, which also unlocks the famous Cow Level known as Whimsyshire. Here's how to craft that staff, for those that either have forgotten, or have never completed it.

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