NBA 2K7 Signature Style Animations

2K Sports announced today new standard-setting features for NBA 2K7. NBA 2K7, the highest rated NBA simulation video game series, delivers a new benchmark in high-level visual player details with Signature Style player animations. NBA 2K7 also enhances the overall NBA atmosphere with hyper-detailed arenas, enhanced arena lighting, and numerous new camera angles to truly deliver the next generation of basketball video games.

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jib5856d ago

im a HUGE bball fan. mos def. getting this game on the 25th.

why is this in the ps3 section? it isn't comming out for the ps3.

shoota335856d ago

yes it is did'nt you read the artical?

Yo Wassap5856d ago

although the graphics are good i thought that the players were a little jumpy. In the gameplay dep. i can't really comment as i'm not a huge fan of the NBA games

jib5856d ago

didn't know that. wish it would be released earlier for the ps3 though. that way i could have waited a little more to see which version to get (360 vs ps3)