Top Ten Zombie Games This Generation

Halloween may have come and gone, but in the gaming industry, there's never a bad time to celebrate the zombie infestations that have given us countless hours of entertainment. What could be better than mowing down hordes of your fellow man without the annoyance of an ethical dilemma getting in the way? Nothing, I say. In that spirit, the creative minds throughout the development community have taken it upon themselves to come up with increasingly clever ways to expand the loose definition of what a zombie game can be, and I salute them for it. Whether it's the Necromorphs of Dead Space, the crazed masses of Condemned or the slightly playful undead of PopCap's tower defense juggernaut, there's plenty of fun to go around. With that in mind, we've compiled ten of our favourite zombie-ish games of this console generation.

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mephman2750d ago

That's a lot of "dead".

fozzness2750d ago

you'd think they'd learn their lesson and throw in some more variation.. perhaps... previously deceased and now a rotting corpse with a random craving for your flesh.

kma2k2750d ago

This makes me think of The walking dead tv series, i just started watching this weekend, dammit this makes me want to go home & watch the next episode!

Tanir2750d ago

left for dead 1 and 2 are horrible. I personally cant stand them. easy, the ai sucks, and just not fun. and since everyone likes to complain that RE5 wasnt scary (which it wasnt) neither is left 4 dead, re5 is 20 times scarier than L4D and thats sad

WhiteLightning2750d ago

Left 4 Dead is better then L4D2.

You had great likable characters, great atmosphere and a great setting in L4D.....then L4D2 kind of made things a little silly. I mean really in that type of zombie outbreak who would pick melee weapons over guns.

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