Diablo 2 Cow Level Makes Reappearance in Hellgate?

There has been rumours about of a "Cow level" hidden in Hellgate: London on some german fansite. This is a reference to the Diablo 2 cow level that Blizzard created after much debate on wether a cow level did exist in the original Diablo game or not. Two screenshots has been brought forward to prove the cow level in Hellgate: London.

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Charlie26885052d ago

Its definitely possible for example in the first level of the demo (and I assume the whole game) you find that boy with a peg leg...cant you be more obvious wit the Diablo 2 references?

Relcom5052d ago

is his name i believe

Leord5052d ago

His name is "Li'l Joey". He might have been named something else before though. He is peg legged, but a demon took the leg. You can find "Wirt's Peg Leg", which is exactly the same name as in Diablo. This leg could possibly have something to do with a Cow level in Hellgate. That would be cool!

Relcom5052d ago

Anything that has anything to do with Diablo series.

Sorry its my one weakness

Relientk775052d ago

diablo ... DIABLO ... must approve

waiting on news about Diablo 3 ...

waiting and waiting

moses5052d ago

That would be so kickass!!! Of course I would rather they have made Diablo 3 though :(.

Tyrael5052d ago

Yeah, the fact that they may have included a cow level in Hellgate would just piss people like me off, because now all that reminds me of IS THAT THERE STILL ISNT A DIABLO 3 I MEAN CMON PEOPLE WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, I AM GETTING OLD AND SOON I WONT APPRECIATE GAMES AS MUCH CMON BLIZZARD GIVE US DIABLO 3

breathe in....breathe out...whew

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