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From preview: "The backend of the charcoal black BMW M3 struggled to grip the loose gravel as I sped along the dirt path along side the highway. The bouncing rear axle of the Bavarian beast was a reminder that the car was meant for solid pavement and not loose country back roads. I had elected to take this back road short cut as allow me to quickly bypass several of the my fellow racers as I needed every second I could get.

Why would I endanger a car worth more than most houses in America? Well, as Jackson "Jack" Rourke, you have made some bad decisions in your life and now some mob related folks are looking to collect on some debts. To pay these debts you’ve been entered in “The Race”, a 3000 mile trek from San Fransisco to New York to try and win a $25 million dollar prize that will get rid of these problems. Staking me in the race is your long time friend Sam Harper, who has fronted the $250,000 entry fee so that I can compete against the other 199 racers for the grand prize (where the remaining $25,000,000 in fees goes is not specified but you have to imagine that large, illegal, events like this one have high overhead and logistics costs). Why is she fronting you the money? Well she knows you’re one of the best car guys in the business and she knows that you’re a pretty sure bet to win the race."

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