Destructoid review: Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn (5.0, Rent It)

Leigh Alexander of Destructoid writes: "I hate tactical games. I hate strategy games, real-time strategy games, and tactical RPGs. I would rather drive screws into my nostrils with the business end of a power drill and, of course, apply a nail gun to my eyes than play a tactics title. But Linde stole all my Castlevanias, kidnapped my cat and said I can't play Trauma Center until I wrote this review. I drove a few screws into the soft part of my skull in an attempt to assuage his evil, but alas, he made me do it anyway."

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KeiZka4681d ago

Hum. Seems like the one writing this article had a reason to give it a 5.5 even before he began typing it..?

Prismo_Fillusion4681d ago

Why would Destructoid assign someone who hates any related genre of Fire Emblem review the game?

KeiZka4680d ago

Well, in the intro to the article are several rather good pointers.

ItsDubC4680d ago

This game has been getting a lot of good reviews but also a lot of negative reviews. I remember some reviewer last week (I think) who docked the score because it was "too difficult for the casual gamer." WTF? Since when was this game targetted at casuals? It seemed like he/she was just looking for negative aspects of the game to point out.

Odiah4680d ago

This is like giving a baby to Satan.

Too strong?