Faulty guitars ruining 'Rock Band' for early adopters?

Reports of faulty guitars have lighted up the gaming world. Chalk it up to the squeaky wheels (or in this case, squeaky strum bars) being the ones to post fervently online, but know of three "Rock Band" guitars personally that are not functioning properly. From talking to friends who own the game and a source we spoke to on the phone today for a story about "Rock Band," problems are emerging: either the strum bar doesn't register the notes you're playing, registers them too often, or the "Overdrive" tilt mechanism doesn't work at all.

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MK_Red5789d ago

Harmonix games were doing great. Both of their Guitar Heros were perfect. What happened between Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band? EA entered the ring!!
Seriously, it's not like EA can't port or makes bad PS3 games, they screw up wherever and whenever they can.

ruibing5789d ago

I had this game on backorder until I heard about the massive amounts of problems with the guitars, so I decided to just get GHIII instead until they get their act together and fix the problem.

Relcom5789d ago

Lets pray EA doesn't have the same effect on Bioware...

Sam Fisher5789d ago

im scared dont jinx it....its my pride and joy

Darrius Cole5789d ago

EA will have the same effect on Bioware. They are going to put unreasonable restrictions on their budget. That's why the EA ports suck. The EA development team has to port the game on a budget, and when they can't get more time/resources to complete the job correctly, they have to cut corners.

Ugly American5789d ago

I didn't even notice there was a problem with my Rock Band guitar, because I was enjoying the wireless freedom of my GH3 guitar WITH Rock Band. I plugged in the Rock Band version, and it works... except for the "overdrive" tilting thingee... it works 90% of the time. I have three guitars now, GH2, GH3, and Rock Band, so it shouldn't be a real issue when I send the Rock Band one in.

I am still glad I bought this game.

sleepbox5789d ago

My Fender Strat activates Star power...err...Overdrive by itself.


Rock Band Doesn't Need Plastic Instruments to Work

TheGamer Writes "Harmonix has proven plenty of times it can make Rock Band work without instruments."

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Christopher280d ago

I mean, yeah, but was anyone saying otherwise? The fact is people liked the plastic instruments rather than pressing buttons on a controller. They enjoyed the simulated experience.

isarai280d ago

"Work"? No, but to be good? It's absolutely necessary. Not having the accessories is like playing a lightgun shooter with an analog stick sure it works, but one experience is completely unique and fun as hell, and other is torture trying to make do playing in a way it was never meant to be played

LucasRuinedChildhood280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

"trying to make do in a way it was never meant to be played"

I disagree. The accessories were a fun gimmick (and very marketable) but they were added AFTER the genre had been well established with games like Frequency and Amplitude (both also made by Harmonix).

The gameplay formula is different on a controller - there's a focus on switching lanes and contributing to all of the instruments.

Never played Frequency, but Amplitude and Rock Band Blitz were really good. I would love to get more of that kind of game. It's basically a different part of the genre, and stands on its own.

isarai280d ago

The insurmountable difference in popularity between Amplitude and Rock Band proves my point

LucasRuinedChildhood280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

Popularity isn't proof of quality. If it was, then Harmonix wouldn't be making music for Fortnite now. lol. Our disagreement wasn't over which one is more popular. Amplitude and Blitz just aren't "torture" to play.

Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live failed to revive their sub-genre, and Rock Band 4 caused Mad Catz to have to file for bankruptcy. Doesn't mean that instrument-based music games are bad.

It does mean that there's too much overhead and risk for anyone to take a gamble on a big budget game that needs instrument accessories now though.

For the genre to thrive, for now, it needs to do so without the instrument accessories. That's just a fact, unfortunately.

VR games like Beat Sabre (a new sub-genre) and traditional music games make more sense and are more viable right now.

LucasRuinedChildhood280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

*"If quality is always proved by popularity, then Harmonix wouldn't be making music for Fortnite now."

Yi-Long280d ago

I think CHEAP plastic instruments is THE reason why the instrument-genre ‘died’.

People invested in buying the game AND the peripherals, so the guitar, the dj-set, the drum, whatever, and the experience was absolutely fantastic. Great fun, great music, etc.

But then the instruments would break. A button would stop working, or your hits wouldn’t register, and that kind of hardware failure would end in you not being able to play the game as intended, and thus you not getting the scores you deserve.

So, now you had a great game, but a broken instrument, and nobody is gonna buy a new plastic instrument every 3-6 months in order to keep playing the game.

A solution would have been to release better quality instruments (obviously), at a slightly higher price, so you could have kept the new games coming and the genre alive, but sadly, that didn’t happen.

dumahim280d ago (Edited 280d ago )

The only issue I ever had with any of the hardware was the drum pedal on the original rock band set stared to crack in half. The reason I, and other friends I know who played, lost interest is they weren't putting out new tracks that we were interested in anymore. I think earlier this year I looked through the releases for the last 2 years or so, and there was maybe 3 songs I would have bought.

slayernz280d ago

Yeah I had this happen too with my drum controller, I ended up attaching a metal strip to it which fixed it up nicely.

sinspirit280d ago

Can it work? Yes. Does it compare? No.

monkey602280d ago

Bust a Groove, Gitaroo Man and Parrapa the Rappa were such good games. Neither needed any extra peripherals