HD Gaming & Online Multiplayer Killed The Multiplayer Experience editorial discussing current trends of multiplayer gaming, and reminiscing of how multiplayer used to be.

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TopDudeMan2755d ago

I remember how multiplayer used to be. It split my screen in half and my bro could cheat and look at my half of the screen to find out where I am.

Nah, I welcome online gaming.

mamotte2755d ago

I remember when my friends looked at my screen, and then I yelled at'em, then when the game is over, we could go out for some food, come back, and still laugh togheter.

I miss offline multiplayer.

chanmasta2755d ago

Me too, mamotte. Diddy Kong Racing, GoldenEye, Crash Team Racing, Ready To Rumble Boxing, ahh, I miss those days very much.

stay_whack2755d ago

This is true, although for every screen-looker in split-screen multiplayer, there are plenty of campers & I agree that online gaming is also good, nothing is perfect.

Hellbound19782755d ago

Ahh... I still remember when I first got my original Xbox & Halo, those were good times! Even when we had two Xboxes, Halos and TV's in seperate rooms playing over LAN the magic just wasn't there for me. IMO online or LAN will never match being able to look to your right or left and seeing the crushing shame on your friends face after your awesome win.