3 Things Battlefield 3 Can Learn From Modern Warfare 3 "The Vet & The n00b" Commercial

Pinoytutorial: Find out the reasons why Modern Warfare 3's "The Vet and The n00b" commercial is something what EA needs to learn in order to drive its customers on playing Battlefield 3 even more.

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NealCaffrey2756d ago

And not to continually bash the other game, like battlefield does to Call of Duty.

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r212755d ago

hahaha, i read your comment and in my mind, it was in the voice of the actor himself XD

awi59512755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

C0D and infinity ward are just a bunch of rip off artists. Battlefield 1942 created the WW2 shooter market first and Cod copied them. BF 2 created the modern warfare gen with unlocks and a lvling system first and infinity ward copied them. So Cod fans are just console noobs that think that infinity ward came up with orginal ideas but they have just been ridding Dice's dick for years.

Oschino19072755d ago

Lol Wolfenstein 3d did it before them.... But seriously Medal of Honor came out before BF1942 and the makers of COD came from the Medal of Honor team. Either way COD and BF1942 came out basically within a year of each other and for the most part were vastly different so I doubt anything at all was taken from either game by either company. Funny though how makers of COD left it for EA and DICE under EA made new Medal of Honor (multiplayer)... WTF are Respawn (IW founders) gonna make now???

awi59512755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )


They worked on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault and that came out the same year as 1942. Modern warfare is still i total ripoff of Battlefield 2.

ATi_Elite2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

The NOOB commercial was pretty cool just like the commercials for Black Ops!

I think EA wanted to show off BF3 actual gameplay and i'm very happy they did that unlike several other games that just showed CGI trailers. Cough brink cough dead island Cough!

all in all COD you know what your gonna get so virtually no gameplay in the commercials works for them. EA showed gamers actual game play and it worked for them.

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linaavec2756d ago

Mr. MW3: Watch and learn noob! (talking to BF3 players)

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Angels37852756d ago

Am I the only one that noticed that what the "noob" is doing is relatively typical of most COD players?

HenryFord2755d ago

I thought the exact same thing...

Hufandpuf2756d ago

1) Why so serious?
Because war isn't funny.

3) Add Celebrities and Superstars!
Then it'd become mainstream. And mainstream tends to be censored and controlled garbage.

xVeZx2756d ago

mw3 probably wont be that great but you have to admit that commercial was pretty funny...

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