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SDN: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception a perfect game. Every PS3 owner should play.

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younglj012751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

Lmao tha fact this site named ShiftDelete is so awesome and I agree 100% with them.

But my personal complaint about UnCharted 3 is that I cant enjoy it anymore.I'm saying this because when people see me playing UC3 they ask me alot of fucking questions.I'm not even finish beating tha game how tha hell I know whats coming.

A female friend arrived at my house and stayed for almost 3 hours.Only person I seen get into game like this is my little sister(GoW3,LBP).My friend even help me solve some complex puzzles.Great Job ND on this Masterpiece....

Sony UnCharted 3 is been watched like a movie.I can't play until my friends get here they want me too wait selfish some of gamers(bitches lol)

If you dont have UC3 you must buy even if you dont play tha MP.This is a true movie experience and I cant wait too finish.Also on a side note.All I'm going too say is Water = BEAUTIFUL