Review: Uncharted 3 [DeltaGamer]

DeltaGamer takes a look at the third installment of a popular action franchise.

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TheBlackMask2537d ago

You know if no one made such a big deal out of the Eurogamer score it wouldn't of set off a chain of events leading people to give the game a low score so they can gain more hits.

It even twists peoples opinions of the game aswell, some people I've spoke to who have played U3 talk about the same cricticsims as what Eurogamer mentioned and what other low reviews had said...even that 4/10 review.

omi25p2537d ago

"Twists peoples opinion" So because a reviewer says a bad thing about a game and people agree with it.

But because you like the game it means those people couldnt have formed those opinions by themselfs and it must be influenced by the review.

A review is an opinion and lots of people can have the same opinion

WhiteLightning2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I doubt he's just the only person who likes the game. You say

"because you like the game it means those people couldnt have formed those opinions by themselfs and it must be influenced by the review. "

Yet he said

"some people I've spoke to who have played U3 talk about the same cricticsims"

some people he's talked to....which I guess must be friends not just peoples comments he's saw on sites like this one

It's amazing, it's been getting great scores except these types of reviews where as the guy above has mentioned only exsists because of the Eurogamer score was made into such a big thing.

If the same happened with Batman then Batman would be getting reviews like this.

People are desperate for hits for their website and will do anything to get them, even if it means folllowing a troll review score.

darthv722536d ago

Is it possible there are some who really liked the first two games and didnt find the 3rd to be as satisfying?

I cant speak for myself as I havent gotten my copy yet. So many great games I told myself I had to finish the ones i have before i dive into something new. I still have batman AA and the first two uncharted's to finish.

I know i will enjoy the 3rd but you have to admit it wasnt the eurogamer thing. There are just some people who really wanted to like this game and felt there should have been more.

Thankfully those people are few and far between. I know it and you know it. The game is good. Let these people express themselves and move on. Its doubtful these smaller sites have any real influence on the buying public anyways.

clank5432536d ago

A review might be an opinion, but that's no excuse for not striving for objectivity.

Dante1122536d ago

Why are you all tripping? This site isn't on metacritic and if you played UC3 and thought it was good, deltagamer shouldn't even matter to you at this point. Ironically, you all are just giving them their hits.

Commander_TK2536d ago

7.5 is a good score. I have plenty of 7.5 games that I like. Hopefully, the outrageous PS3 fanboys on this site don't this man's opinion seriously as if he'd actually offended them.

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StraightPath2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

what unknown site is this? haha finished uncharted 3 just going for the platinum now.

GamerSciz2536d ago

Amen, working on Platinum too. GOTY for me. It's got some minor flaws but nothing game breaking. I don't expect any game to be 100% perfect though.

masa20092536d ago

The review was very articulate, no matter how little known this site is.

Ares84HU2536d ago

I can't tell if a 7.5 score is right for the game because I'm very early in the Syria level so I need to finish the game first but so far it's pretty damn impressive.

4/10 is outrageous however. 7.5 isn't a bad score at all. This is one persons opinion and everyone is different.

As for twisting peoples opinions of a game.....well if you are influenced by a review so much than you aren't a real gamer is what I got to tell you. Everyone should form their own opinion of the game in question and not listen to others.

For example in my opinion the best open world game ever made is Just Cause 2. But many people would argue that it's GTAIV or even Saints Row 2. So a review is an opinion just like mine or yours or any other persons.

I think if anyone wants to judge a game properly than they should watch gameplay videos, try the demo and ask friends.

RufustheKing2536d ago

I agree mate. UC3 wasn't bad maybe 8.5-9.0 but to put a socre like this out just shows it is all for hits. UC3 is the worst games of the Uncharted series(IMO) but is still one of the best games of the year. can't wait for UC4 :)

Hockeydud192536d ago

I'd like to know how you think it's worse? In my opinion Uncharted 3, until I get my Skyrim review copy sometime this week is in my top 3 best games I've ever played.

RufustheKing2535d ago

the story for me. The the uncharted series is made out like a movie and a good movie needs a good story and i am sad to say it but UC3 didn't have a good story. it felt rushed and dragged you from one point to another with out really explaining why. the set peices were great but i still find uncharted 1 a better game because of the story. as i said above UC3 is thw worst game of the series but i also said that it was still one of the best games of the year. Only skyrim will beat it and tells you alot for a "worse uncharted game" UC2 went so high in how games could be made, UC3 just happened to be the squeal to that game and it didn't help.

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gamer2342537d ago

u3 = delicacy 4 trolls beside, I have seen worse score than this.

Jappy-k72537d ago

I give it a solid 8/10....
good game but overrated just like UC2

Hockeydud192536d ago

overrated? Lol, people are starting to really forget what gaming is..

dirtrider2536d ago

you are right. uncharted 2 not only looked played better

Hufandpuf2537d ago

If anything the lower scores are the ones fans should be listening and paying attention too, even if they don't agree with every point. It's important to find out what people didn't like rather than listen to countless others praise the game by saying things that you already know over and over again.

For BF3, there were countless 9/10s, but I didn't read any of them. As a longtime fan I looked at the 7/10s to 8s. I wanted to know exactly what to look out for and what people thought needed improvement. I didn't scream FALSE, or FOR HITS; I listened and enjoyed the game regardless, but still understood what they loved and hated.

DonaldBeck2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

i love uncharted 3, such an amazing game. deserves the 9.5 average score it got. :)

Focus2537d ago

93 and 92 on metacritic and gameranking respectively

DonaldBeck2536d ago

9.5 with all of the reviews in tact (n4g)

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