RipTen Review: Daytona USA

RipTen: If you’re not already used to the type of driving experience Daytona USA provides, it can feel a little rough and unforgiving at first– especially at one dollar per try in 1994 (which would be nearly $1.50 today). But once you put a little time and effort into it– again, this is where having the different difficulty levels and modes such as the opponent-free Karaoke can really help), it becomes quite a rewarding racing experience.

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jaredhart2538d ago

A surprisingly good game.

darthv722538d ago

just like when playing in the arcade when it first came out. I hope sega releases some track packs for it. There were some other great tracks from CCE and Daytona 2.

If sega is feeling this nostalgic, let them come out with a remake of thunderblade, galaxyforce, space harrier and most of all hang on.