How to level up fast in Dark Souls

Leet explains how to easily farm thousands of souls in mere minutes in Dark Souls.

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fluffydelusions2591d ago

This trick has been known for a while even been posted here a few times.

BiggCMan2591d ago

Yea, and it's not really the legitimate definition of farming. More of an exploit in tricking the games A.I.

FACTUAL evidence2591d ago

These guys are only a month and a week late. Besides I platinumed this.

BiggCMan2591d ago

Damn.... I haven't even beaten the damn thing yet. I do plan on getting platinum as well though, just as I did with Demon's Souls. You feel so badass when you get that thing.

Spenok2591d ago

Wow.... just wow. Im amazed you could get it so quickly. Just as BiggCMan says i havent even beaten the game yet lol. Though, again, as he states, i plan on doing so.

Out of curiosity how many hours total across all playthroughs did it take you?

MysticStrummer2591d ago

Yup old news and they didn't even talk about using the dragon to farm those guys on the bridge. You can get 290-300 souls every 40 seconds or so right there.

Lord_Sloth2591d ago

Hardly new and it's being patched out in the 1.4 by giving the enemies smaller aggro boxes.

DirtyLary2591d ago

Welcome to 3 weeks ago.

blammo172591d ago

Yup. Dragon flaming for 300 souls got me started in the game, great early lvling spot.

KidMakeshift2591d ago

Thank you Captain Obvious

Let me go back in time to when this was relevant

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