Need for Speed: The Run isn't a "heavy story based game"

@XG247: In Need for Speed: The Run you play as Jack, a man in deep trouble with the mob (good one, Jack) and has one way out - a coast-to-coast race with the first place prize of $25M. That'd buy off any gangster with enough change for a lot of fast cars and petrol.

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KUV19772564d ago

Of course the story isn't a story based game just as much as a chocolate chip isn't a chocolate chip based cookie. I am not a native speaker of English but that grammar is just painful to read. At least the original title makes more sense.

The story is actually the only reason i consider buying the game at all. The races are a lot like Hot Pursuit and that alone just isn't enough, especially since i found them to be mediocre at best. Depending on how well the story works this could still be a good game.

XGN_Alex2564d ago

Some players may of been hoping for a bit of decent story to go with somewhat an 'interesting' idea for a Need for Speed game.

Thrungus2564d ago

I saw 'The Run' as a return to the great stories of Need for Speed's past. I guess you and I were both wrong :( .

KUV19772564d ago

Well they fixed the headline at least. Now my comment up there looks rather silly.. anyway I will most probably buy the game but as it looks right now not straight on release day but a couple weeks after when the price has fallen a bit.

TurboGamer2564d ago

We want underground 3!!!!!

SnakeCQC2564d ago

i want that and a hot pursuit 2 (by criterion)

PRHB HYBRiiD2564d ago

i was going to say that! (:

morkendo2564d ago

I want HOTPURSUIT 3 by blackbox studio not criterions burnout pursuit
............................. .............................
be nice if blackbox studio made underground 3 like UNDERGROUND with reply and cops.

LettingGo2564d ago

Played the demo. Terrible. Moving on.

ironfist922563d ago

Pretty much this. I had high hopes for the game, but the terrible handling of the cars turned me off. I'm just gonna buy Hot Pursuit again until the make Underground 3, or Critereon makes Hot Pursuit 2 (or hopefully another Burnout)