Back to Karkand Q/A with DICE CM

A set of new details about Battlefield 3's upcoming expansion, Back to karkand. Questions answered by DICE's Community Manager, Daniel "zh1nt0" Matros.

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Wizziokid2537d ago

nothing terrible exciting in this but still can't wait for this pack

irepbtown2537d ago


Now, which corner?

ShoryukenII2537d ago

The new mode is going to be fun but I am very interested in the improved destruction. Destruction in Battlefield 3 looks amazing but I don't see it enough. I have only seen a single building collapse in all of my time playing and that was because I stopped at one and destroyed it to see. BC2 had buildings collapsing left and right. I really want to see that with this new engine more often. So I'm excited for this. It also helps that it is free. :D

pr0digyZA2537d ago

I wonder if the enhanced destruction carries over to BF3 as well, or is it just in the pack. Glad weapons are everywhere though.

Assignments sound like a good idea, reminds me of another game.

Also are the maps going to be in the rotation or will we have to filter it?

Surfaced2537d ago

"Introducing Assignments:
WIth Back to Karkand will come a new feature called “Assignments”. These will essentially be objective based tasks you can accept and will gain rewards from it."

YES. I loved being a squad leader in BF2, getting a new task from the Commander, having the choice to accept or decline, and then when I accept one, I tell my squad members "Alright here's the plan." Then we move out, maybe fail a few times, and finally execute it successfully.

The satisfaction I got from those Battlefield moments in BF2 have never since been reproduced by any game. I hope BF3 will deliver.

Avernus2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

This is how DLC is suppose to be. More like expansion packs! New weapons, new vehicles, new maps... that equals more hours on a brilliant game. Can't wait for the next expansion pack that I'm sure DICE have up their sleeves.

SJPFTW2537d ago

best yet only a $15. and for those with limited edition is free