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Just move forward. Just keep going. Don’t stop. Jump. Shoot. RUN. Rarely has a game been as intensely driven and well-paced as “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception,” an absolute masterpiece of a game that will certainly be involved in the conversation about Game of the Year 2011. “Uncharted 2” won a number of GOTY awards. “Uncharted 3” is better.

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supremacy2539d ago

Can anyone tell me how many perfects this game has thus far. Because I will like to know.

CGI-Quality2538d ago

Not sure of exact totals, but it's a lot! I think more than any other game this year, so far.

supremacy2538d ago

Yes thats exactly my thought, I feel non of the other games come close in this department.

DigitalRaptor2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I can't read this review and not get excited.

What's even more exciting is being able to experience the game's magnificence first-hand! I'd say it's the most epic, involving, story-based game I have played in a LONG time!