Battlefield 3 Sniper Tips

...All of a sudden the screen blurs and you fall to the ground. A split second later, a sharp “whoosh” sound threatens to make your eardrums bleed. You’ve just been killed by a headshot expertly applied (perhaps with a touch of luck) from a sniper lying prone on top of a truck 100 yards away. The bomb detonates. Your team loses. And you’ve stormed halfway out of the living room before the map fades away to the stat screen.

It’s times like these that make you eager to tune your sniping skills to the best of their abilities. While it’s going to take a great deal of practice, we’re here to help with a few simple tips.

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2pacalypsenow2634d ago

I love sniping in BF3 it takes some skill . Anybody know how to unlock the M82? i dont see it in the game

Elwenil2634d ago

So far it does not exist in the game. It may come from a DLC expansion but I seem to remember them having balancing issues with it so it may never appear in BF3.

zeeshan2634d ago

sniping in bf3 is far worse then I cud have imagined. Bfbc 2 had perfect snipping.

DaCajun2634d ago

How does it take skill in BF3? All the recons I've seen are running around with sniper rifles with iron sights, red dots, or 4x scopes. I have not been snipe from long distances much. They get 2 hit kills to the chest and one to the head but any other weapon it's 5 or 6 rounds.

2pacalypsenow2634d ago

i wish Sniping was 1 shot kill if it was close i hate geting killed by a guy that had 1% health cuz i shot him from 5 feet away

Joe29112634d ago

Its battlefields way of telling you to go back to CoD

Why would you snipe someone from 5 feet, let me guess you tried to quick scope too.

DaCajun2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

I bet you're one of those who run around with a red dot or 4x on your sniper rifle getting 2 hit kills and you're bitching because someone killed your first when they have to put 5 or 6 rounds in you? lmao pathetic yea like the guy above said go back to COD.

princejb1342634d ago

saw the video on the link and that guy is a pro sniper
like wow i was definitely impressed

mike_d_2634d ago

It does require a bit of skill,especially getting a headshot from long range while the enemy is running.It's so rewarding to get a kill like that.But sniping is supposed to be hard,not like CoD with no bullet drop with 360 quickscopes,SMH.

ShoryukenII2634d ago

You should try sniping on Norsahr Canals. It is at the first spawn of the attackers on Rush (on the ship). I just put a spawn beacon there, SOFLAM and go prone with the bipod. I have gotten headshots on people over 500m away. The way to do it is to look for glint or red dots (spotted). If you don't see that, look for a flash (sniper shot). When you see someone, shoot at a wall near them to figure out the bullet drop. Then to test it on the enemy make sure to shoot slightly above them. If you shoot at their stomach, they usually run away. Once you get good, you'll be able to get moving targets. If your team takes the first 2 MCOMS, you can stay on the ship and still snipe. Just make sure you have a spawn beacon. You'll be getting loads of points even if you only end up with 6 kills. Hope that helps someone. :)

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SITH2634d ago (Edited 2634d ago )

Here is a tip, don't sit in the same spot after 2-3 kills and not expect a knife, mortar, airstrike, RPG, or grenade to take you out. It kills me how snipers get so comfortable. I always shoot a few times and move to a new position. BF3 maps are big enough to allow as much. And sometimes I get a friend to leave a claymore or two in my old position. I love killing revenge seekers.

2pacalypsenow2634d ago

i move every time i kill and then kill the same guy who tries to knife me at my last location

kikizoo2634d ago

like recent article said : snipers are useless players for their team, and really painfull for others.

by the way, the most ridiculous thing is when the snipers only players are talking about k/D ratios LOL

KonaBro2634d ago

can definitely be an awesome addition to my team by spotting enemies, putting up T-UGS for everyone to detect intruders, placing Radio Spawns in key locations to help turn the tide in a battle, and above all, keeping the enemy constantly looking around and fearful to enter certain areas.

In one game on Caspian Border, I literally held the Gas Station by myself against 10+ people sniping and keeping them second guessing. Recon isn't my fav class though.

Anyone saying that snipers are useless is being dumb. It's the CoD kids who say it's useless because like Joe2911 said, most kids try to snipe like CoD and get a rude awakening.

BX812634d ago

Pro tip! Don't run into me while I'm sniping it can only end up bad for you.... Unless I'm drunk of course then you'll probably have my dog tags. lol. I'm curious to see everyones longest distance head shot. Post em if you got em!

BlackPrince 422634d ago

Here's a pro tip. This game's hit detection sucks. So if you find yourself having to headshot someone twice or three to four times in the chest to kill them your in a fubar match and should quit while your ahead.

Elwenil2634d ago

So, how often do you headshot someone in the chest?

BlackPrince 422634d ago

What I'm saying is you have to headshot someone twice.


If you have to shoot them in the torso 3-4 times.

The game is being bitchy.