Patrick Bach: Back to Karkand is more of a 'package' than a map pack

@XG247: After a rocky launch Battlefield 3 has now shifted a whopping 5 millions units, so that's a huge target market for the upcoming expansion "Back to Karkand". Some say it's just a map pack, but Patrick Bach thinks otherwise.

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Ninjeska2629d ago

I'm not a PC person so I didn't get to play the original maps, but I'm really interested to see how it plays in the new game.

Hopefully it'll work for the peeps new to BF but still feel 'right' for those who know Karkand like the back of their hand :)

chriski3332629d ago

everyone take a good look this is what a god damn DLC should be new weapons new maps new vehicles thats awesome thanks you DICE

Shackdaddy8362629d ago

You forgot new game mode and now you can do mission type things to level up (that's the "persistence" thing they were talking about in the new trailer)

Thrungus2629d ago

Going back to 'old-school' expansion packs then?

Pandamobile2629d ago

I guess they're like a mix of the BF2 expansions and boosters.

BF2's expansion was BF2: Special Forces which had like 8 new maps, new gadgets, new vehicles, new weapons, and new factions.

BF2's boosters were Armored Fury and Euro Force. Those had 3-4 maps, new weapons, factions and vehicles.

If I recall, Special Forces cost about $30, while the boosters were $15-20.

CaptCalvin2628d ago

"old-school" expansion packs added new factions so they had a lot more new vehicles and weapons.

Geralt2629d ago

Yes Activison, please cut content out of the final game and charge players for it who didn't get the limited edition of the game.

lorianguy2629d ago

How was it cut out? It's re-imagined from Battlefield 2, a.k.a not Battlefield 3.

What I meant was Activision should give us more for a lower price and take note from EA here.

MysticStrummer2629d ago

That's clearly not what happened here, Geralt.

superrey192629d ago

How is it cut content if they are currently still working on the dlc?

awi59512629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Yeah you dont know what your are talking about the battlefield vietnam was way better than any cod map pack. It was a whole diffent game a diffrent expansion with its own weapons, vehicles, maps and unlocks. C

od fanboys are so stupid. They really think call of duty did the unlocks and lvling system first. Console noob developers took Battlefield 2 gameplay, weapon unlocks, and lvling system and brought it to noob console fans. Just like Call of duty 1,2,and 3 stole everything from Battlefield 1942.

Mrwidz2629d ago (Edited 2629d ago )

Thank you. This will be a great add on pack but I don't see how simple minded some people are, of course most of the DLC was made before the game was released, it's called a business plan. Like it or not, DICE devs don't swear over a bible not to cash in on their products like any other company...

Basically, don't see DICE as a shining beacon of light because they aren't affiliated with activision

Geralt2629d ago

Wow, you guys really enjoy taking it from behind by EA. I can't believe how blind you are to their cheap money-making tactics.

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OcularVision2629d ago

Activision also 're-imagined' their map packs. And by 're-imagine', i mean they changed the lighting a bit and sold them for $15.

Ninjeska2628d ago

But... Activision have release reimagined maps from previous COD games before? :S

GraveLord2629d ago

Call map packs expansions and Battlefield fanboys will flock to EAs defense.

Lavitz20122629d ago

Wtf you talking about Vietnam on BFBC2 alone shitted all over everything Activision released and for the same price.Hell it felt more of an actual game than just an expansion.

Looks like B2K will be the same we get 3 new vehicles,10 new weapons and not to forget we can transfer those weapons to Vanilla BF3.So yea you do the math and see which one gives you more for your money.

MysticStrummer2629d ago

Call expansions the next game in the series and CoD fanboys will flock to buy it. Then you can sell them overpriced map packs.

Shackdaddy8362629d ago

Map packs = maps

Expansions = maps, vehicles, weapons, game modes

Quit with your fanboyism. It's really making you look stupid.

C_Menz2629d ago

Well it is not really a map pack since they are adding several new weapons and vehicles along with the 4 maps. Bad Company's Vietnam expansion was not a map pack and this fits in just like that did.

Personally I like more than just new(or in this case new-old) maps since having new weapons and vehicles to play with is always a nice addition.

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