GTA: San Andreas vs. GTA V

Without a doubt the excitement for the latest Grand Theft Auto game is truly in the air. Gamers are blowing the dust off of older installments just to get the feel of what it is like to be in a GTA environment once again, all while waiting patiently for anything GTA 5 related.

Fans of the series are going as far as comparing San Andreas with GTA 5. Of course the graphics will be far greater than the 2004 game, however its nice to see a comparison between the two.

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zeal0us2541d ago

Comparison between a game came out a generation ago and game that has yet to come out.

Only thing that could be compared so far is graphics which quite obvious.

Murad-D122541d ago

I agree with you, i mean come on let the game release and then start your comparisons.
Graphically its obvious so no need for an article i believe.
nothing new discovered

alien6262541d ago

another is hat no other cities other than Los Santos which i dont mind if the world is going to be big

ACBAA2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

get a life. it hasnt even been released yet