TheGameFanatics: Uncharted 3 Review

As the final three words of T.E Lawrence’s speech escaped Nolan North’s lips, I felt overwhelmed with excitement, joy, and pride in Naughty Dog. I was ready. I could feel my heart racing as the camera panned on a cold London street; every small detail was perfect, from the glare of car headlights to the number on a pool ball. Within the first minute of a gloriously executed opening sequence, I was welcomed with a sarcastic quip made by none other than Nathan Drake, which made me crack a smile and feel at home. While I watched what resembled a feature-film play out on my TV, it became clear to me that Naughty Dog was about to take Nathan Drake on an adventure so unpredictable and unbelievable that I couldn’t even begin to imagine what I was in for; and as I sat back in my chair and wiped the tears of joy from my eyes, I realized, I was perfectly okay with that.

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