Top Reasons Why Alan Wake 2 Became A Download-Only Title

Pinoytutorial: It was May when we first receive a lead that Alan Wake’s sequel might be called “Night Springs” and some of its parts will provide support for Kinect. However, some players were turned off with its download-only policy on Xbox Live Arcade today.

On this discussion, we'll give you the two main reasons why its developer decided to take the non-disc path for Alan Wake: Night Springs.

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KingSlayer2756d ago

1. It will get more marketing through the dashboard.
2. The first wasn't really that good.

krautgamer2756d ago

are you kidding me? alan wake is one of the best 360 exclusive games,imo!

darthv722755d ago

everyone will feel differently about this game. I got it from amazon as a digital download card for only $3.00 (yup, $3.00) and I think its great.

If they want to make a sequel that ties in as extra chapters or an expansion pack to the first then I'm cool with that. It prob wont cost me $3 though but after playing the first it is worth the price of admission.

DigitalRaptor2755d ago

Alan Wake is a great game IMO. It's a bit disappointing compared to what we were expecting, but I think Remedy did a good job with the 360 version. The game might've been more on PC, but we will never know.

SKUD2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

It's such a shame that this could of been an excellent new IP for gamers. Only in the end to be beaten down by corporate product placement main stream shooter flames. I hope it can still be saved but it would need a total reboot.

I still feel the idea is great but the initial execution leaves me wondering how and where it went all wrong.

linaavec2756d ago

I hope Remedy can remedy the fallen situation for AW2.

Trenta272756d ago

It was a great game, in my opinion. Looked great, amazing story, good characters. The plot is still pretty good, especially since it actually tried. It seems many games nowadays just slap on a generic story.

palaeomerus2756d ago

This is just lame speculation. It's not news.

Next time try actually interviewing someone who works at Remedy and ASKING THEM WHY ITS DOWNLOADABLE like an actual journalist would.

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The story is too old to be commented.