The Real Reason Battlefield 3 Is Not And Will Not Be "Better" Than Modern Warfare 3

GamersNewsFeed writes: "The main reason Battlefield 3 will not outshine and defeat Modern Warfare 3 is due to Call of Duty’s reputation."

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Hufandpuf2565d ago

In addition to battlefield, other FPSs have been written off aswell because of the grip COD has on the industry. Rainbow six, ARMA, Counter Strike, etc. all good games overshadowed by the game that is COD. Battlefield won't eclipse cod in sales because COD has become a cultural phenomenon. It has been referenced in movies, TV shows, and music. If that isn't representative of how far cod's reach is, it's that it has sold better than hit blockbuster movies. It's a shame that so many shooters are compared to cod, and rated accordingly, but that's the effect of having a monopoly shooter.

ArchangelMike2564d ago

The problem is with the use of the wrod "Better". Battlefield 3 may indeed be a 'better' all round game. However it will not have 'better' sales numbers.

Are we now a generation of gamers that buy games because of sales numbers, or do we buy games because of better gaming experiences?

The real question should be, will MW3 offer a better all round gaming experience than BF3?

alien6262564d ago

Hufanpuf has a point. we buy stuff for its popularity. like he said we see COD everywhere now movies,tv shows, etc. Even your friends make you buy the game because you want to play with them. Battlefield, counter strike, rainbow six, etc are all good games and will still be good games but COD might be the same game every year just different skin guns and maps but it will never be beat in sales. For me im no COD fan after COD4 i tried playing but didnt like the rest so i stood with BF3 and so far i love it.

Getowned2564d ago

I really think you all are thinking to much into it we had games like Mario,and now they have games like Cod simple.

"will MW3 offer a better all round gaming experience than BF3?"

As much as you may hate the fact.To some people yes,For some people COD is what they want fast,quick,easy gameplay jump in have some fun,and jump out with out a big learning curve.Some people arn't looking for a war sim.

There are a lot of reasons why people like COD,Huge MP fanbase,quick games,always tuns of people playing at all hours,game modes like zombies and fun MP game modes,small fast paced maps,all your friends play it,a new game every year,DLC.

Reasons to hate cod Lag,disconnections/host migration,Spawntrapping and Campers(every gamem has them,just sayin),a new game every year,DLC.

I like BF3 as much as everyone but I do think it has a few flaws even for such a great game but so dose cod and I have never felt like any game was perfect and bug free.You may have to work harder in BF but you still have to try hard to be good in COD sure it's easier to get kills in cod over BF3 but to be good at cod you do have to try and think out what your doing just like BF3/BC,and As to what game is better thats all a matter of opinion just play what you like no need to hate on each others games but the real question is who keeps approving this bait ?

StanLee2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Let's see, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 has a more polished single player, more fleshed out cooperative play and a more polished and accessible multiplayer. By every measurable standard, it's better than Battlefield 3. Prior games' successes has nothing to do with why Modern Warfare 3 is the better game. It just is. Battlefield 3 as a package suffers greatly from a mediocre single player, tacked on cooperative play and a multiplayer that is outshone by it's own predecessor. The game doesn't even live up to Battlefield 2. SMH at some Battlefield 3 fanboy writing an article to convince himself that the reason Battlefield 3 wont be as well received critically and commercially as Modern Warfare 3 is because of the success of previous Call of Duty games. Sure buddy. Keep sniffing glue. Battlefield 3 would have been better if it came out next March and they dumped single player and co-op because as a package, it's not any competition for Modern Warfare 3.

hotskys2564d ago

I for one don't buy games based on their popularity.

I did buy battlefield, and I will buy mw3.

But I buy games based on their fun factor, and i believe everyone else does. I find Call of duty more fun, not more realistic, not more stuff like tanks and jets, but because I find it more FUN.

Call of duty may have better sales, but i find it very hard to believe that gamers buy stuff because of it's numbers. It gets really old to see articles like this still comparing these two games. Just play what you're gonna play and be happy.

Winter47th2563d ago

I'll summarize why it won't ever be better than COD:

2 seconds respawn.

Blogz4Fanboyz2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

i am from the uk but live in france. yesterday mw3 went on sale in shop near where i live, and the queue was enormous all day!!!

cod has become an animal! personally, i will wait and see if i will buy it.

but for every fanturd on n4g that slags this game off in every thread, there are millions out there that love it.

cod is a pick up and play shooter, it doesnt require hours and hours of practice to become good at, and is accesible. that is why the game sells millions and millions.

to some people, cod is a great game, that offers limitless on-line fun. and can reward highly for very little time investment. whereas a game like halo takes a long time to become good at, and even then you can be sure that you will go into a game and find someone who will hand you your arse time and time again.

at the mo i am stuck into bf3. my on-line pals are on-fire, and our squad or squads when we have more than 4 in a party chat/server (360 im palying this on) are buzzing. in one game of conquest friday nite, me and one of my pals scored over 9k each in the ROUND... that was before the ribbons score was added.

bf3 is too much team focused to become a game that can rival in sales cod! im not saying which is better because frankly, they are totally different on-line experiences, and should be considered as such.

badz1492563d ago

in real life, noobs outnumber the good ones several folds. so...CoD is catering to the noobs while BF stays with the good ones! guess which one will sell more?

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NEW-AGE2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

People are Simple.. They want Eazy Kills, you actually have to try in Battlefield, Thats The Sad Reason People wont Give in That They Suck at Life

vickers5002564d ago

Yeah, the part about people being simple and wanting easy kills is definitely true

but I mean, they are having fun getting those easy kills, and that is the point of video games right? To have fun? I'm betting a lot of cod players don't have the time for other games so they don't really have time to get skilled with anything else, so they just go with what's easy.

Yeah, people who only play cod are pretty lame, but saying they suck at life is going a bit too far.

NEW-AGE2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

If People Were in it for the "FUN" then people would have Accepted more Cheats instead of Trophies or Acheivements, they Wouldnt Be Hell Bent in trying to one up each other in there GamerScore ....... .. GTA SAN ANDREAS was a million times funner with Cheats, but if it was forced to play without them in a Compition to Beat it the Fastest or Hardest, it be slightlier less Fullfilling

vickers5002563d ago

"they Wouldnt Be Hell Bent in trying to one up each other in there GamerScore"

I've never seen a single occasion of this, in real life or even on the internet. Besides, what do trophies and achievements have to do with this?

". GTA SAN ANDREAS was a million times funner with Cheats, but if it was forced to play without them in a Compition to Beat it the Fastest or Hardest, it be slightlier less Fullfilling"

True, but that has nothing to do with Call of Duty. Call of Duty pretty much has built in cheats (heavy aim assist, lag compensation, smooth framerate and controls, fast paced), and that's pretty much what makes it fun for people. They can hop on any time and have fun instantly without having to spend 2 hours mastering the controls again.

Sure, they're lazy gamers, but then again, they're probably not gamers to begin with, so just because they don't have good games in their collection doesn't mean they suck at life.

finbars752563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I concur with you on that one.Simple is mindless and a brainless while BF3 is strategic and team base with a lot of thinking of how are you going to do the next objective with your team.Sorry quality over quantity is the best way to describe BF3 to MWF3 not how BF3 is not better then MWF3.The good news is now I get to play against real competition and not these idiots running around by themselves with there heads cut off. Sales doesn't mean anything if your still playing the same game over and over for the last few years with out any changes.

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chriski3332563d ago

the only thing modern warfare has is the sales number

0neShot2563d ago

It's the quality of the game to put it simply. Don't you think it will sell if it's not good?

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Lavitz20122565d ago

Well it does have cod beat in everything but sales but just cuz cod sales a lot dosen't mean it's good.

Kamikaze1352564d ago

Regardless to how much MW sells, 5 million in a week is amazing.

Felinox2564d ago

Dude' i don't understand why people could disagree with your statement. BF3 is truly a better game quality wise. Fanboys are way too loyal to an ip.

Corepred42564d ago

Doesnt' have cod beat in fun, lol. and thats what counts.

Hicken2563d ago

Funny, cuz I've had way more fun in the two weeks I've played BF3 than in the years I've been playing CoD since MW2.

wsoutlaw872563d ago

see people keep saying "who cares its more fun." I completely disagree. I am so sick of the same old COD with idiots like "oh no scope!" For me it cant be fun because its to easy. I play, come in first, and was zoned out half the time not even knowing what was going on. Challenge adds to the fun for me and bf5 is just the better overall game. I have never heard anyone who plays cod who hasn't said they were the best cod player, which just means you can run fast and shoot quick. The problem is that its the only online game a lot of these people play and they hate trying to learn new controls on new games because with cod the never have too. And no one wants to be the one person who doesn't own cod.

Sebianoti2563d ago

So true... Fanboys are loyal. too loyal to realize that BF3 is and always will be better despite sells.

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DeathAvengers2564d ago

I'm so glad i'm not a BF or CoD fanboy, I probably will wait a bit longer to see how MW3 turns out and then decide if i'll drop $120 on both.

Bimkoblerutso2564d ago

Goddammit. EVERY SINGLE GAMING SITE has an article like this. These are obviously just traffic-bait. It's getting so flipping annoying.