Report: Battlefield 3's bumpy road to success - BETA, Server Problems and Feedback

@XG247: No-one is denying Battlefield 3 will be a leader among online shooters, more than comfortable slugging it out with the likes of Call of Duty and, well, that's pretty much all we're comparing it to right now.

However, the launch of EA's insanely anticipated modern shooter may not have been as smooth and trouble free as many of the developers (and the customers) had wished.

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Thrungus2566d ago

I must say, an amazing piece. Very nice.

Seedhouse2566d ago

It's certainly not been a smooth ride, despite an aggressive advertising campaign!

XGN_Alex2566d ago

Especially with that "Vvvv VVV vv VVV vvvvV' thingy (Battlefield sound)

Cosmit2566d ago

Haha I love that sound. Especially when the game is about to finish and your on the winning side.

Nakerman2566d ago

I've had countless problems with this online, hoping EA will continue to iron stuff out.

AllroundGamer2566d ago

the collisions should be fixed, it's horrible sometimes when you try to jump something and you stuck (also windows jumping is a nono too :( )

Syke3602566d ago

Still rather play the PC version over a console version.

mike_d_2566d ago

Oh shut up with the PC version.It's the same exact game!Just more eye candy.