Sonic to get a fresh start in 2012

A reaction to Takashi Iizuka's interview with Gamasutra about the future of Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Bleucrunch2540d ago

I pray that this is the right someone who grew up playing sonic and the genesis being his first console and sonic 2 being his first game...SONIC I missed you buddy!

rdgneoz32540d ago

Hopefully is the right direction. But on the bright side, can't get any worse...

Urbz78702539d ago

:D Sonic Generations was a huge success! Hopefully SEGA can keep that momentum going into 2012.

NuclearDuke2539d ago

Horrible support for the PC. I feel like my $30 was completely wasted seeing as I can't see what the different keys does when I bind them to a keyboard button, not remembering what the hell they did on my PS.

KonaBro2539d ago

get a Xbox controller and you won't have that problem. That's what I did today when I bought it this morning.

NuclearDuke2539d ago Show