Bioshock Infinite Boss: Multiplayer Pointless In Most Games

360 Magazine: “You have to make sure you’re not compromising on the core experience for people who are drawn to that. If we were to do a multiplayer game it would have to feel organic."

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Dailynch4647d ago

Finally, some one is talking sense! I don't want tacked on multiplayer, ever! Leave it to the pros

DaveX3604647d ago

I don't want MP in a narrative-based game, period.

Biglet4647d ago

The industry badly needs more Ken Levines.

Captain Qwark 94647d ago

i couldnt agree more, some games just need to be left to single player ( mass effect, ratchet, to name a couple )

NYC_Gamer4647d ago

too bad many other devs don't understand this

STICKzophrenic4647d ago

This man speaks the truth!

Dead Space, Bioshock and Mass Effect are three awesome franchises that don't need a MP component.

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Judas First Details: How Ken Levine Is Building on BioShock With 'Narrative LEGOs'

IGN: "We spent six hours playing a recent build of Judas, the next game from BioShock creator Ken Levine, followed by a lengthy conversation with the renowned game designer to discuss the long wait since BioShock Infinite, bringing the "narrative LEGOs" concept to life in Judas, what the game is all about, and much more."

RaidenBlack120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

YT video : https://youtu.be/aIqmnoo8Ui...
with new gameplay segments

Psychonaut85120d ago

I’m tentatively hopeful for this. Love Bioshock. As far as the narrative Legos we shall have to wait and see. The early trailer for Infinite showed off a lot of stuff that didn’t make it into the finished product, and Levine is notoriously difficult to work for, so if this narrative stuff makes it into the came will be curious to see how impactful it is. I’d be fine with something more in the vein of the first Bioshock. Not much like that now, especially since Arkane’s fall from grace.

Psychonaut85120d ago

I didn’t realize Levine’s new studio was under 2K Games just like Irrational was. What was the point quitting Irrational and then 2K dissolving the studio only for him to open up a smaller studio still under 2K? Why not just downsize Irrational, keep operations going and have the brand recognition. Cuz it’s not like Judas is a departure from his normal style. Must be a story there

RaidenBlack120d ago

Cloud Chamber, under 2K, is the new studio developing the next Bioshock (4?) game.

toxic-inferno120d ago

I imagine he had a negative experience building Bioshock Infinite, due to the pressure on the team. As you pointed out in your other comment, lots from that game was cut out or changed before release. I suspect he wanted the opportunity to step back and create a game in a timescale that allowed him to deliver the product he wanted.

Irrational may have also been locked into certain contracts under 2K, and opening a new studio may have allowed him to negotiate new terms.


Top 10 Rarest Xbox 360 Games That Are Worth a Fortune

Twinfinite: “War may never change, but the prices of rare games do!”

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Christopher364d ago

"And lastly, famous Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling helped to create the action-RPG’s setting. What’s really fascinating, though, is that the game was partially financed by taxpayers from Rhode Island (which allegedly lost the state millions of dollars). Yikes!"

1. Now infamous Schilling
2. No allegedly, it did. And they couldn't pay it back.
3. What really lost the money wasn't the SP release but the MMO they were working on. This was supposed to be an introduction into the MMO world.

Soy364d ago

I hate counting limited editions for these lists. I mean, they're made to be rare and expensive. It's far more interesting to hear about the NCAAs (even if most people know that one already) and the El Chavos than some massive hit that came with a $200 statue at retail.

gamerz364d ago

Me too. Here's the best I can do:

El Chavo Kart $90.14
NCAA Football 14 $87.72
Spiderman: Edge of Time $75.94
Spiderman Web of Shadows $75.09
Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions $67.76

Christopher363d ago

Wow, El Chavo Kart is not at all what I expected by the name. 100% looks like a Sackboy Kart game.

Soy363d ago

It's so odd that so many Spider-Man games are seemingly given lower print runs, even if they're not the best games.

jznrpg364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Most Xbox games don’t hold as much value compared to other systems. Kameo, Blue Dragon, Last Remnant , and a handful or 2 of other games that I kept.

sadraiden364d ago

Fallout 3 and Bioshock Infinite are the rarest games of all time.


8 Best Games Set In A Multiverse

One of the biggest TV and movie tropes in the last decade has been the multiverse, the idea of exploring multiple dimensions to uncover alternate versions of existing ideas. From both a business and creative perspective, it makes sense why established franchises are shaking things up in this way.

However, there aren't many video games latching on to this trend, as rendering multiple worlds in real-time is a difficult feat and the medium is relatively young in comparison to its contemporaries, making crossover opportunities more difficult. Still, there are a few great titles that manage enough to overcome these challenges, and here are some of the best examples.

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Christopher383d ago

While I love someone mentioning Planescape, not really multiverse. Planes and dimensions, yes. But, they are typically their own locations and are very rarely tied to another 'verse' let alone another plane. The only things that are directly tied are the ethereal and material planes. Otherwise, they are dimensions created of their own design and goals by the creator/owner and not comprised of 'their own version of another dimension'.