Bioshock Infinite Boss: Multiplayer Pointless In Most Games

360 Magazine: “You have to make sure you’re not compromising on the core experience for people who are drawn to that. If we were to do a multiplayer game it would have to feel organic."

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Dailynch2539d ago

Finally, some one is talking sense! I don't want tacked on multiplayer, ever! Leave it to the pros

DaveX3602539d ago

I don't want MP in a narrative-based game, period.

Biglet2539d ago

The industry badly needs more Ken Levines.

Captain Qwark 92539d ago

i couldnt agree more, some games just need to be left to single player ( mass effect, ratchet, to name a couple )

NYC_Gamer2539d ago

too bad many other devs don't understand this

STICKzophrenic2539d ago

This man speaks the truth!

Dead Space, Bioshock and Mass Effect are three awesome franchises that don't need a MP component.

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The story is too old to be commented.