Digital Chumps - Daytona USA Review

Digital Chumps - For many, Sega's AM2 and AM3 divisions defined the early/mid 90's arcade experience. The generational leap between 16-bit consoles and Sega's arcade cabinets could not have been more profound; Virtua Fighter 2, Virtual On, and Virtua Cop's appeal were limited only by quarters and closing times. Fighting game purists may beg to differ, but Daytona USA demonstrated AM2's talents better than all the rest. Daytona capitalized on the accelerating popularity of NASCAR, boasted brightly colored visuals that looked like they were from the future, pitted the player against seven other real people, and, most importantly, you got to sit in a fake car. Getting the complete Daytona experience felt incredible, and it was mind-blowing if you were eleven years old.

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