Friendly Rivalry vs. Elitism

Tribune writes: "There seems to be a growing trend that has become prevalent on forums all across the internet: the idea that the PC is the “master race” of consoles. This idea that one system can be better than all the others is something that causes much unnecessary strife and conflict that is deteriorating relations within the gaming community."

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Cinotix2567d ago

I usually go in always thinking friendly rivalry, really drives me to talk shit when I hear dudes in Call of Duty take the fucken game so serious.

Ziriux2567d ago

I personally don't play multiplayer games as much anymore, give me a good story, the only online aspect i enjoy is a co-op inclusion in singleplayer game.

Cinotix2567d ago

Why, get off your high horse and try a MP game once in a while.

gornak2567d ago

You got on your high horse to tell Ziriux to get off a high horse he wasn't on in the first place.

It's you, you're the one going show jumping.

Cinotix2567d ago

I'm sorry if i was but some people are not willing to even try to give a MP game a chance because it's a "main stream" thing and they want to not be part of it. I just think it's a little crazy.

buddymagoo2567d ago

Multiplayer can put me off gaming at times with people glitching/cheating/being incredibly good. That's why I prefer single player. If a game is too difficult I can lower the settings unlike multiplayer. There is not many games that balance the multiplayer element right, I think.

Ziriux2567d ago

!00% agree with you buddy. When people are extremely good or I see someone using a glitch it frustrates me knowing especially that the guy is showing off.

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masteroftheclaw2567d ago

Back in the day I'd be ready to say that PC was the most powerful gaming platform out there. I mean, it was getting polygonal and "3D" games before the consoles were able to handle it, but these days it is a much closer race.

In this current age I think consoles are pretty close to PC games and unfortunately a lot of PC gamers are now stuck with console ports! I think it's fine for someone to prefer a PC or 360 or PS3 but there's no reason to go shoving it in everyone else's face. Preference is just what each person chooses and as long as we enjoy the games who cares which is the "best" platform?

Ziriux2567d ago

I think so too, uncharted 3 sure as hell matches and good PC game.

masteroftheclaw2567d ago

Man, Uncharted 3 looks unbelievable. I'm surprised that these consoles still are able to surprise and impress us graphically after, what, 6 or 7 years? It reminds me of when Metal Gear Solid 3 came out on PS2 and it looked sooooo nice.

Ziriux2567d ago

Yea I had the same reaction towards Halo 2 on the Xbox I was blown away.

Somebody2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

"PC gamers are now stuck with console ports! "

That's the problem (well, part of it anyway).

Some of the PC gamers there have spent time and effort to build their dream machine and all they get are console ports that barely poke at their machine.

Anyone would have been angry to be treated like that.

potedude2567d ago

I have to say I feel like there is a bit of PC elitism these days. They always go on about graphics and how plebby we are with 5 year old hardware.

Personally I like using my console, throw the disc in and off we go, no worries about settings or compatibility or anything. Its all good.

And lol @ glorious PC gaming master race and console peasant...

Somebody2567d ago

One of my local gaming magazine had it the other way around :

PC game reviews goes under the "PC Tavern" section while the console reviews are under the "Console Keep". If my understanding medieval social structure is correct, I think the magazine held consoles higher than the PC. It was evident since the sections were used when the current consoles were starting to storm the gaming industry and there were less and less PC games being released. When I realized this, I was angered (I'm a PC gamer)at first then torn when I whether to continue buying the mag. It did helped me with buying a graphic card.

The magazine stopped using that naming system a few years back but by then I stopped subscribing. No point in buying a magazine that at some points doesn't have a single PC review (hardware or software).

Anyway, choose whatever poison you want. My brother just bought a Sony Erickson Play but I don't hate him for that. I helped a friend to buy a PSP once and another to buy a PS3 (he initially wanted a PC but I told him the differences between the two platforms, the final decision was his).

MeatAbstract2567d ago

I do own a gaming PC which I put together with a friend a few years ago but since moving, I rarely use the thing.

I like PC gaming, it was where I really started, using my brothers to play Doom and Duke Nukem and uh..Theme Hospital. But getting my first console and simplicity of it, put a game in and you're off. If there's a problem with the PC when installing a game, it can be a number of issues which can be frustrating to solve, and I'm not the most tech savvy of people.

But hey, the article is right, to each his own really. You want to play on PC or console, thats your choice, we're all game lovers here.

Ziriux2567d ago

I just personally think that the consoles are more user friendly and that's one of the reasons of success.

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