Modern Warfare 3's Multiplayer Focusing on Balance

Velocity Gamer: The graphics and everything else may have not changed much, but I think you can expect a much more balanced multiplayer experience in Modern Warfare 3 than you've experienced before from the franchise. Of course you'll have complainers and haters, but followers of the series should come away a bit happier this time.

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Op243251d ago

Good, that's been the biggest problem in the series imo. I'm not gnna jump on the bandwagon and say I hate COD because I don't. It's Mp has always been fun for me and is one of the only online games that I can go back and play again and again and not get bored. Battlefield 3, Halo and Gears are some others, but games like Assassins's Creed, Dead Space etc. Eh

Dart893251d ago

Sorry but this game has broken written all over it example.

B:Blind eye
D:Dead eye.

NuclearDuke3250d ago

There is no perk called Dead Eye. The ability to stay undetected by Killstreaks aswell as lower footsteps, how is that broken?

It is an obvious counter to killstreaks, which is needed in certain gamemodes. Yes, you may be undetected by alot of things, but you do not run faster, reload faster or aim faster/hipfire better than people with other perks that defines their playstyle.

MajorJackHoff3250d ago

"MW3's Multiplayer Focusing on Balance"

lol good luck with that.

princejb1343250d ago

how is that broken, you haven't even played the game yet first of all
and blackflop was close to balance but didn't perfect it

blind eye is good for killstreaks
assassin is good against uav which we know theres gonna be a lot of them since support package killstreaks don't reset

and there is no dead eye perk

Gazondaily3250d ago

Yeah balancing is important but a lot of key issues need to be sorted out:

* Spawn points- these were downright atrocious in MW2 (although I did exploit them a lot to get my nukes)

* Hit-boxes- well we don't have dedicated servers so there's very little that can be done here I guess

* Quick-scope- its back to cater for the kids- why IW?

* No more deathstreaks- so relieved that painkiller isn't back- that had to be one of the most retarded additions to a FPS- couple this with the horrible spawn points where people would spawn right next to you, it just meant instant death- skill got punished

* Weapon balance- this wasn't ALL that bad in MW2 apart from some really silly exceptions such as the model shotguns- before they got nerfed they might as well have come with a scope. Spas shotgun is lethal- I myself have killed countless people with it from miles away.

princejb1343250d ago

i agree QS why IW?

and there is death streaks sorry to tell you, but no painkiller thankfully

Hufandpuf3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

My friend got mw3 early and I asked him about it. He said it was like MW2 but balanced. I asked him how he got it early and he said Walmart was selling them and he also said he likes old people because they aren't really informed about games and release dates.

Then I asked him if it was better than bf3. He said he personally liked bf3 over mw3 so far.

Hockeydud193251d ago

"Old people" Lol, taking advantage of them for a game. Kinda sick, kinda funny lol

MajorJackHoff3250d ago

Old people DO have a purpose!


We will all live to be old people some day, love them while you can.

nano883250d ago Show
princejb1343250d ago

yea a lot of places are selling them
i live in nyc and a lot of pop and mom stores have been selling them since this past monday

TheBlackMask3251d ago (Edited 3251d ago )

Yeah ok then.... ¬¬

Pretty sure they've said this before.

Hacks, glitches, bugs will never make this game balanced

3250d ago
Goeres3250d ago

"we want you to turn into this supersoldier" From one of the recent videos when they talk about killstreak awards..

Right ;)

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