Uncharted 3 Review -- Blast

This is a game that I can’t recommend enough, and your PS3 library is not complete without it.

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colonel1793552d ago

I just finished the game and I am not really sure how I feel about it. When I finished Uncharted 2, I said WOW! because the entire game felt awesome. The graphics, presentation, gameplay, everything was great.

When I finished Uncharted 3, I was like is that it? I obviously knew I was getting closer to the end of the game, but I was left with so many questions. I was like ok, I am at the middle of the game, so where is this character? I am almost finishing the game but what about the main bosses? What happened to these characters from the beginning of the game?

Without spoiling anything, Naughty Dog focused on the story of Drake and Sully, just as they said. What I think went wrong, is that they weren't very consistent with the characters, and their story, from the past games. ( If you play it you will know what I mean); neither with the new ones.

My overall feeling about this game is that I felt incomplete. I felt like if I missed a chapter or two because I went to the bathroom or had to do a chore and didn't get to see the explanation of some important stuff. I kept expecting to happen, but it never did.

The-Troll-Eater3552d ago

I wanna get this game soon, along with skyrim.

supremacy3552d ago

Uncharted 3 wins, perfect.

Another perfect.