Top Ten Forgotten Horror Games

These terrific exercises in gaming terror inspired, triggered or laid the groundwork for many better-known horror titles, but very rarely receive any recognition themselves. Criminally overlooked yet remarkably innovative, FMV reveals the top ten horror games you’ve (probably) never heard of…

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ZBlacktt4646d ago (Edited 4646d ago )

Dead Space was pretty darn good I know that!

HarryMasonHerpderp4646d ago

Ive completed all the silent hills resident evils and the 2 dead space games and ive just bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R and man does that game freak me out its just so disturbing,the fact that its based on a real place where people died and generations have been born deformed and are suffering till this day just makes it a realy freaky game in my opinion.
An the horrible mutated gas mask guys omg so horrible.

AriesSiren4646d ago

eternal darkness is a masterpiece


The 7 Best Survival Horror Games for Retro Gamers

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cthulhucultist189d ago

Eternal Darkness was way ahead of its time especially for a Nintendo exclusive.

I would love to see a remake or sequel (multiplatform)

Ristul189d ago

When I see Eternal Darkness, I klick!

TheBrainZ189d ago

Not to sound too repetitive but Eternal Darkness all the way!

GaboonViper189d ago

Eternal Darkness is one of my most favourite games of all time.

kevco33188d ago

4 people love Eternal Darkness.

Quick! Jump on that remake, whoever holds the rights these days.


Great Games for Avid Readers

GF365: "If you’re a reader, this list of great games for avid readers is for you. Games are a form of art, and some have written literature in them."

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Five Horror Games Certain to Keep You Up 'Til Halloween

Spooky season is here again at last and time of the horror game has arrived alongside it. This year has seen the return of some the genre's greatest entires, but both tended to focus more on thrills than they did chills. So, those wanting a bit more of the latter this month would do well to check out at least one of these before Halloween rolls around.

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