Mortal Kombat Goes Next Gen

"One of the most controversial decisions in the Mortal Kombat universe hasn't been the inclusion of fatalities, but that characters would be killed off. Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, the latest installment of the franchise, has made that startling announcement as it proclaims that the upcoming title will be the final battle between good and evil. Is the end nigh for the fighting franchise?"

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Phenom195859d ago

i just want this to be compatible on my 360

uuuunvnv25859d ago

why would it not be compatable with the 360 when they are makeing it for the 360???hmm.....

Balance5859d ago

if i remember reading something on this a few months ago was that armageddon was for xbox,ps2 etc... and the midway team was just starting to think about a next gen platform title.

beans5859d ago

This is good news! I can't wait to see what the new story will be about and I hope the fighting system is deep this time unlike the other games from this franchise!

JPomper5859d ago

Damnit all to Hell... why can't they just go back to 2d simple fighting. That's where the game shined. All this exploration and 3d fighting crap just makes me want to hook up my N64 and play Trilogy for hours on end like I used to.

calderra5859d ago

3d Kombat sucks. Big time.

And killing off characters is contraversial? Like Johnny Cage? Subzero? The robots? Baraka?

And this being the final installment? You'd have to be stupid to think they're stopping here. At best, the core team is going to hand the series off to cheap devs drooling at the chance to make Chibi Kombat and Amerikan Idol Kombat, etc etc.

tatical5859d ago

It would be nice if they put MK2 on the disc as well (its small enough), but they'd probably save that for Xbox Live Arcade :(

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