World of Warcraft - Introducing Tol’Vir Arena.

Blizzard released news at BlizzCon 2011 that a new arena map would be implemented with the release of Mists of Pandaria. Tol'Vir Arena or Tol'Vir Proving Grounds will be similiar in nature to the existing Nagrand Arena. The map layout looks better from a design view as opposed to the most recent additions Dalaran Sewers and Ring of Valor. Previously Blizzard took a casual approach to new arena maps; trying to create dynamic and 'fun' arena layouts which ultimately failed. Every player has competitive nature somewhere in their personality and no player wants to play an arena map where external deciding factors can decide the outcome of an arena match (such as moving pillars, Ring of Valor…).

Too_many_games4637d ago

WOW PVP...also known as....who gives a damn :D

NuclearDuke4637d ago

The ones who just won $75.000 at the Blizzcon Event, probably gives a damn.


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Skuletor63d ago

Another L for Xbox, when are they going to have good news?

MrDead63d ago

I would read the article but the giant pop-ups from the top and bottom of the screen made me close it.

Without reading $23.4 million isn't a deterrent for a company that size.

peppeaccardo63d ago

Boss: Let's fire a few people to recoup on that loss.
Slave: Cortana has decided to get rid of Arkane Austin and Tango Gameworks.
Boss: Let's get those Firing Letters "Copilot Approved" and send them through the power of the cloud.
Slave: Long Live Phil !!!
ALL in the room: LONG LIVE PHIL !!!!

rlow163d ago

Well another troll company with a patent trying to extort money out of companies. Seems like they’re going to try and sue everyone.


Not enough drain them for more, fuck Blizzard POS company.