PSP Dominates Chinese Flea Market

One of the biggest advantages of the PlayStation Portable has been its looks. With that, the cool shape and the huge screen - it's just begging to be ripped off. Here are some of the imitators. Go to the source for more info and pictures.

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Shadow Flare5860d ago

ahahaha, those psp copies are so identicle to a psp! That's hilarious. Some of them look exactly like the thing. And they didn't even bother changing the colours. They're all black and white. haha, thats funny

Sphinx5859d ago

do these play PSP games? Weird... those Chinese are so crafty!

BIadestarX5859d ago

I bet you can run emulators (i.e. NES, SNES, Sega, GBA, etc.) To me this is better than a PSP and you don't have to be freaking deal with Sony's updates.