RipTen Review: Dance Central 2

RipTen - Believe it or not, I’m a damn fine dancer. Or, at least according to Dance Central 2 via the Kinect interface, I’m pretty good at following on-screen instructions for how to wiggle my body parts to the beat of a song. I got the “Say What Arms” down. I can do “The Torch” with my eyes closed. I can do the “Humpty Thrust” for a good five minutes straight before I need to rest. That’s right, friends. I am a machine.

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BlackjackCF4160d ago

Dan, I love your reviews.

I loved this review up until the point I saw that you thought "Born This Way" is a terrible song.

I'm hurt.

xPhearR3dx4160d ago

Ugh that song is fucking terrible. Lady Gag-gag in general is horrid.

NoobJobz4160d ago

Born this way is a terrible song. I don't have anything against lady gaga. I liked her early songs. Born this way and all of her songs after have been terrible IMO.

4160d ago
Perjoss4159d ago

Have to admit when I first tried Dance Central I felt like a complete idiot, but it very quickly started to grab hold and the fun factor greatly outweighed the paranoia of feeling like a fool.

I really like the way only a few of the dance moves are shared across different songs, as a result the songs all feel very different to dance to.