RipTen Review: Battlefield 3 (PS3, PC)

RipTen - Battlefield 3 is in a tough position. Not only does it have to please veterans of the PC core series, it also has to cater to newer fans familiar with the Bad Company series. EA has also publicly positioned it to rival the Call of Duty series – not an easy feat by any means. Yet, despite all the odds being stacked against DICE’s latest shooter, the game passes every test with flying colors… in most departments.

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xPhearR3dx4160d ago

Loving the game so far, but the issues are really hurting my enjoyment.

CrzyFooL4160d ago

You playing on 360? Who's fault is that?! :-p

xPhearR3dx4160d ago (Edited 4160d ago )

Yours! Send me a PS3 or an uber PC lol

Shaunass4160d ago

Still waiting for my PC copy to arrive. Beta was sick!

greeneggsnsam4160d ago

If I recall Bad Company 2 had many of the same faults, especially the clipping issues. The trouble with having such massive maps is that QA is difficult.

BlackjackCF4160d ago

Fair review. Still debating whether or not I really want to buy.

Hufandpuf4160d ago

If you like multiplayer or have friends to play it with, definite buy.