Sony to use Xfire as base for PS3 online

Sony has just signed a deal with Xfire's owners, Viacom, to develop a new Xfire for the PS3's online gaming functions.

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BIadestarX5865d ago

two things..
1) would it be ready for november?
2) What would Xfire gets out of it? Place advertising all over?

SpankUveryMuch5865d ago

We now know that the ps3 online gaming won't be very good either. Sony just keeps making bad choices don't they. Xfire don't even compare with xbox live in any way.

xrobbanx5865d ago

Soo sony didn´t make an own software how should they be able to keep up with M$ online god they on a loose string. I mean regardles how Xfire works today how about future are Sony going to wait for a third party to code their online environment

Good luck Sony