You Can't Out-Call-of-Duty Call of Duty

Games journalist Dennis Scimeca (G4, Gamasutra, GamePro) takes on the lunacy of Electronic Arts trying to take down Call of Duty by making a game that wants, even if only in part, to be Call of Duty.

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WetN00dle693247d ago

The only lunatic is Dennis Scimeca. BF3 is far from trying to be like COD! THANK GOD!

iamnsuperman3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Well the single player tried to. May be not the multiplayer but its single player tried to be some epic set pieces style game (Call of duty style) which then turned out to be quite generic. They have made the multiplayer more about action than running around (good thing)

RyuCloudStrife3247d ago

still CoD has the most action packed MP experience and MW3 will build on that.

ExPresident3247d ago


That's up for opinion. I completely disagree that CoD has the most action packed MP. Respawning quickly and being thrown back into the action doesn't make it action packed, it makes it repetitive.

Saying CoD has a more action packed MP experience than BF is like saying a bicycle has more going on then a motorcycle built for racing. I'm not saying CoD is bad, I'm saying it isn't all there. You can have a lot of fun on a bicycle but when you add the motor, etc. you get a lot more out of your ride.

Perjoss3247d ago

CoD and BF not even in the same class, You cannot even begin to compare the multi player, I'll take teamwork over kill streaks any day, BF is leagues ahead, sorry.

MaxXAttaxX3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )


The amount of action is dependent on the players (and jets),
not "teh killstreakz" and "prestige".

meant2live343246d ago

Why does everyone have to hate on CoD? By the way you guys talk down to Call of Duty, you make yourselves no better than the majority of the CoD fanboys who talk down to Battlefield. You're being hypocritical. Please. I like Battlefield and Call of Duty, so understand me when I tell you that you're acting no better than CoD fanboys. ExPresident's comment was ok.

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venom063247d ago

this author is a COMPLETE retard... not only is BF3 a FREAKING AWESOME EXPERIENCE, but it is no way period trying to be CoD .... this guy is just fishing for views...

Grimhammer003247d ago

You can't deny COD is more about instant gratification and the fps to really start customization. Perks added a much need boost to standard fps fare. Talking infantry fps.

Bf3 has several glaring flaws. Mp is great...but what if you don't have access to Internet? Or servers are down? Lol
I guess you could play the highly advertised single plyr? "Beyond the Call of Duty"? Not by popular accounts.

I'm just saying Dice made bad design decisions. Bf3 should have either scrapped single plyr or better yet, applied the unique vehicle play to the single plyr!

Hufandpuf3247d ago

If my internet was down, the last thing i would think about playing was a Battlefield game. The multiplayer makes the game, it's not like real battlefield fans would be sad that they couldn't play singleplayer; because there was none.

MP: important
SP: not so much, if at all.

Brash_Attack3247d ago

I really don't feel like BF3 is copying COD gameplay-wise, but the campaign felt like it feel right out of a COD story-wise. I kept waiting for the interview guys to tell the marine to "tell me about the numbers!"

I, personally, was very let down by BF3. Hopefully MW3 will be good. I doubt it will be any different than MW2 but I still enjoy the MW2 multiplayer.

GunofthePatriots3247d ago

BF3 is copying......BF. crazy, right?

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