Sony's Answer to XBox-Live Revealed!

Microsoft's Xbox Live has existed since 2002. How will Sony, who has never had a dedicated and successful online program in the console space -- the PS2's online was a total free for all -- compete with Microsoft's nearly four-year lead in the online console gaming service sphere?

They'll use Xfire, that's how (the image to the right is a mock-up).

By incorporating an existing service into their own PlayStation Network Platform (PNP), Sony hopes to circumvent existing problems in the console space that Microsoft has had to sort out and in using Xfire -- a company with an established messaging, matchmaking and gaming client -- Sony hopes to narrow the four-year gap in online gaming services that Microsoft currently enjoys (Xfire has been around since 2002). Read the full article at 1up...

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clayton5862d ago

Big deal, XBox Live wil reign champ of course. Best online service ever! You get what you pay for!!! Remember THAT!!!

ghostface5862d ago

Is the pressure getting to you. You have to understand that sony wasn't going to let xbox live to continue to dominate. So to think sony wasn't going to have an answer is just plain foolish.

BIadestarX5862d ago

Too bad it was a stupid answer. They couldn't build it themselves so they will start using someone else service. I don't find strange they are not a software/network company while Microsoft have all the resources to build it and support it. It will be interesting to see how much of a XBox live killer this can be, and what’s in it for Xfire to built and support this very complex framework all for free.

TOM5862d ago

those of you who us it will KNOW that xfre itsnt a shadow of live. This is sonys ansewer? sic

bernie5862d ago

Microsoft know the software inside & out and are able to upgrade and constantly monitor at will.
Sony, going for the fast and easy route are going to be relying on a lot more people and are not going to be able to control the system.
Mark my words, it's going to hit both sony and PS3 owners and everyone knows that. :)

ghostface5862d ago

We already know sony being testing the online service. An by joing with Xfire who's also have just as much expreince as xboxlive service i'm betting that sony online service will be just as good or better, but will have to wait an see.

BIadestarX5862d ago

You may be right considering the fact that xfire may have decades of experience in networks, game development (Direct X), create their on OS and have more intelectual and finatial resources than Microsoft.

TheMART5862d ago

First deliver Sony. I have heard too many great stories over the years that didn't work.

At this moment only one thing is sure. Live has been here for 4 to 5 years. Systems are up and running. Live anywhere is in the heart of Vista/OS and gaming is a real experience. Now Sony deliver something equal, I would be really surprised and giving props if it's all that good as they want to