The Godfather commented gameplay video

Electronic Arts released this long commented video of the Godfather, in a very clear move to put the spotlight on what's good in this game.

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darktangent5868d ago

I need a 360 demo of this game. Until that happens I am forced to believe that this game is just going to be another repackaged title.

willud4skins5868d ago

i dont understand why anyone would buy this game.

TOM5868d ago

there are multipul reasons for me.

1-the system is fairly new and im in need of a new game at least ever month

2-its the last thing that Marlin Brando did

3- gta doesnt come out for a year

4-im nearly done with saints row and in need of a fix

5- most importantly,I think it looks cool and am fine with the look of the game