Nintendo already boxing Wii units?

From the most reliable of sources (message boards!) come rumors that Nintendo is seeking 150 temp workers to begin boxing Wii units readying them for shipment as early as next Tuesday. This comes from reports that several work agencies have been requesting positions for Nintendo's North Bend office that packages and ships product.

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FreeMonk5857d ago

This is exactly the way to get ready for a console launch. If Nintendo are aiming for a late October/Early Novemeber release date, that leaves them plenty of time to make even more consoles ready for launch.

If only Sony took the inititive to do there research and make sure they could provide the number of consoles promised at E3 instead of just crapping all over there fans.

Microsoft are no better either when they released there console.

At least there is a console maker out there who cares about it's customers!

shotty5857d ago

Well Microsoft and Sony build true next gen machines that are complex to build. The wii is pretty easy to build.

ChickeyCantor5857d ago

yet you need hardware for it

FreeMonk5857d ago

Although the Wii basicly has the power of a Xbox, it still has next gen qualities like the whole gyroscoping controller that I class as next-gen.

If Sony and Microsoft planned as far ahead as Nintendo, they'd have no problem meeting a huge amount of demand.

Just look at Sony now. Less than two months away from Launch in the US and Japan, and they've not even started mass producing them yet. That's called bad planning.

ElementX5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

My roommate will be happy. But he's not hooking his Wii to my HDTV. That's for my 360 ;)

Sphinx5857d ago

My Wii will sit right next to my XBOX360 with the Chicago Bears faceplate... but, the Wii won't be the one you'll see first :)

Islandkiwi5857d ago

What you guys did to the Packers on Sunday was just so cruel. I loved it.

But I also love the Wii release...I'm imagining them at the Tokyo Game Show being asked when it's being released, and them saying "this Monday!"

Asylumchild5856d ago

I was getting my sleeping bag and propain tank all ready.... damn i still cant feel my foot from after the 360 launch at bestbuy